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Player 1
#player1 Aditya_Putra Aditya Putra
#player2 Christian_Oktavius Christian Oktavius
>Aditya_Putra: EILNOOR 8D LOONIER +66 66
>Aditya_Putra: EGILOPW (challenge) +5 71
#note I should play Ananto again but he walkout and since the tournament is unrated, it is possible to him to be replaced with another player

If you think the round 3 endgame was dramatic enough, then this endgame is 1000 times more dramatic
>Christian_Oktavius: ADDIIRT 9C DID +12 12
#note No playable bingo, no move higher than 18
>Aditya_Putra: EGILOPW G3 PLOWI.G +19 90
>Christian_Oktavius: AIIJRST H1 JAI +34 46
#note H1 AJI better to maximize bingo chance next move
>Aditya_Putra: ?ADEMRT 10G sMARTED +74 164
>Aditya_Putra: EY (challenge) +5 169
#note So many four timer including D4 TRAMLINED I challenged PLOWINGS
>Christian_Oktavius: IIRSTXZ I3 XI +37 83
#note BEST. My winnin chance is already down to 15%
>Aditya_Putra: EY 7I YE +20 189
>Christian_Oktavius: BCIRSTZ K5 BIZ +43 126
#note Also best slightly increase my winnin chance to 17%
>Aditya_Putra: AEINSSU L8 UN.ASIES +70 259
>Aditya_Putra: AEINSSU -- -70 189
#note No bingo for Aditya
>Christian_Oktavius: CMORSTU 10B COT +17 143
#note I try to play differently than quackle suggest. Quackle now strongly suggest MUCORS 10H for 39, thinking there are still 3 S in bag. Which I saw it

However this is incorrect. Since Aditya already revealed his rack we know that ONLY 1 S still in the bag. Even worse, the MUCROS play give floating R, the letter Aditya needed to play his 3rd bingo, make him against, over 100 points lead.

What I consider to play was MUM, but it scored puny 10 points, and the bingo after it most likely not score high enough to turn the lead. Since Aditya didn't has medium tile, I considered playing this, hoping he dont know SCOT and get bingo next turn
>Aditya_Putra: AEINSSU A8 NUS +15 204
#note He knew it, but cannot score effectively
>Christian_Oktavius: EEMORSU 11C MEU +20 163
>Aditya_Putra: EIL 11I LEI +14 218
>Christian_Oktavius: EIOORRS L4 ROO +12 175
#note Again, no bingo for me
>Aditya_Putra: AEINSST 12H SEITANS +75 293
#note One of the best bingo, skyrocketed his winning chance to 96%
>Christian_Oktavius: AEINRSV 5A AVERSI.N +72 247
#note The only bingo left, yet only gave me 10% winning chance
>Aditya_Putra: ABCHNR 13C BRANCH +37 330
>Christian_Oktavius: EFGGOQR C1 FOGG.R +22 269
#note After his another high scorin BRANCH, and I picked Q, massively decreasing the chance for bingo, my winning chance drop to 2.67%
>Aditya_Putra: AH B2 HA +23 353
>Christian_Oktavius: AEFKQTW A1 EWK +47 316
#note Not a word. Actually I didnt have to take this risk if I know WAFF
>Aditya_Putra: ALTU 13L LATU +16 369
>Christian_Oktavius: ?AEFQTU 9L FE +15 331
#note Using almost 10 minutes in this move only to find what scenario can give me win. 53 points deficit with F and Q still in rack.

The big scoring play available it using Q, in 14J, make QUA or QUAT, however both QUA and QUAT will be very, if not always be countered, no matter what combination Aditya hold (here comes ALAY, ALAP to triple if I play QUA, or worse QUATE with STEP, or STEY, or STED, or STET if I play QUAT).
Both scenarios will make my Q massively countered and useless blank

After almost 10 minutes, I was quite sure this is "the winningest possible move" from this situation.

Quackle, love D7 FLITE more, 53% win against this seond best 44% dont know why
>Aditya_Putra: ADENPTY 14J PEATY +50 419
#note 6J PIONY was a certain win for Aditya. The spectator, after this game suggest Aditya use that triple with PAY which was also a certain win.

Both play score less than this move, but gave him 100% winning
>Christian_Oktavius: ?AEOQTU 15D QUOrATE +129 460
>Christian_Oktavius: (DENV) +16 476
Player 2
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