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Player 1
#player1 Christian_Oktavius Christian Oktavius
#player2 Ananto_Widodo Ananto Widodo
>Christian_Oktavius: AEEFGRR 8H ERF +12 12
#note BEST after hundreds of iterations
>Ananto_Widodo: DIOOZ 7G ZOOID +36 36
>Christian_Oktavius: AEGJRTU K5 JU. +22 34
#note 6J GAUJE beat this play
>Ananto_Widodo: ALM L4 LAM +23 59
>Christian_Oktavius: AEGGIRT M3 GAG +23 57
#note Another bingo missed this time. Not quite sure about that hook
>Ananto_Widodo: PUY N2 PUY +25 84
>Christian_Oktavius: EIMNRTY O1 YIN +26 83
#note J6 MIFTY
>Ananto_Widodo: EEKLRUV - +0 84
#note Ananto exc, in this dying board
>Christian_Oktavius: BEEMRTV H5 EV.. +7 90
#note 61 BRUME. Hovever since Ananto exchange, and I don't know BRUME, the only move I found worthy for rack balance and score was I4 BEVOR, leaving unlikely bingo or even counter play leave EMRT.

So for some still, unknown reason I believe I should make this board even harder, at least until I get some goodies
>Ananto_Widodo: G 6J G.. +21 105
>Christian_Oktavius: ABEIMRT I3 BAM +14 104
#note Missing another bingo here
>Ananto_Widodo: AIR J2 RAI +11 116
>Christian_Oktavius: BEIORTT H1 BRO +20 124
#note HOping for -TIER 8 letters next move
>Ananto_Widodo: E I7 ..E +4 120
>Christian_Oktavius: AEEIOTT 2C OATIE. +8 132
#note Now this is obvious sign that Ananto had either S or blank.... And I cannot make blocking move... So my next option.....
>Ananto_Widodo: ?ADEILN B2 gLIANDE +80 200
>Ananto_Widodo: ?ADEILN -- -80 120
>Christian_Oktavius: ACDEOTT 1A CATTED +40 172
>Christian_Oktavius: EHOORTW (challenge) +5 177
>Ananto_Widodo: ?ADEILN 10C DENIALs +62 182
#note A1 CANFIELD for 80. Out of vocabulary reach
>Christian_Oktavius: EHOORTW D8 WH.RETO +34 211
>Christian_Oktavius: FNNOSSW (challenge) +5 216
#note 3rd time missed bingo in this game. Incredible hard 8 letter in N
>Ananto_Widodo: EIV 8A VIE. +30 212
>Christian_Oktavius: FNNOSSW 3B OWN +27 243
#note Risky unsuspiious set-up
>Ananto_Widodo: ALL 9D .ALL +15 227
>Christian_Oktavius: EFNNSSS 4A FENS +39 282
>Christian_Oktavius: DKNRSST (challenge) +5 287
#note And it worked...
>Ananto_Widodo: IPTU 13B PU.TI +14 241
#note Seems Ananto already has the last blank and decided enough to play in this closed board
>Christian_Oktavius: DKNRSST C12 D.NK +14 301
#note BEST, still better to play than exchange
>Ananto_Widodo: ?ACHINO 12F ApHONIC +82 323
#note Quackle realize the situation, while almost all scrabble master overlook it.

This is one of the most heart-breaking bingo, for Ananto, who try so hard to yield this move, which I believe most player agree this was the best play.

QUackle realized that if he play a bingo now, then he empty the sack, with full 7 letters in his rack, with tile unseen very very conducive for bingo. Instead bingoing, quackle fgured out the "winningest" move was H10 LOCHIA for 42, leaving N, blank and 2 letter in the sack. That gave Ananto winning chance 59.5%, while bingo play APHONIC, MOHICAN, or MANIHOC only gave him 51% win....

But AGAIN, without quackle I would agree this bingo play was BEST, because it is also, hard to find
>Christian_Oktavius: EORSSST 14F TOSSERS +66 367
>Christian_Oktavius: (challenge) +5 372
>Christian_Oktavius: (EEIQRUX) +46 418
Player 2
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