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Player 1
#player1 M._Sugi_Arto M. Sugi Arto
#player2 Christian_Oktavius Christian Oktavius
>M._Sugi_Arto: FO 8H OF +10 10
>Christian_Oktavius: DHMNOWY 9E HOWDY +38 38
#note Highest scoring, but inferior than WHY for 37
>M._Sugi_Arto: ?AEEFLS 10A SEALiFE +91 101
>M._Sugi_Arto: ?AEEFLS -- -91 10
>Christian_Oktavius: AACMNUU 10C UNAU +15 53
>M._Sugi_Arto: ?AEEFLS J6 ELF +17 27
>Christian_Oktavius: ?AACMPS 11C PAM +36 89
#note Over 100 points bingo playable this time, didn't see it
>M._Sugi_Arto: AEG 12D GAE +25 52
#note HAMA* not a word, but more blunder after this
>Christian_Oktavius: ?ACJNST 5D JACeNTS +87 176
>Christian_Oktavius: ?ACJNST -- -87 89
>M._Sugi_Arto: ?AILNOS 5G ANISOLe +69 121
>Christian_Oktavius: ?ACJNST 4K JA +31 120
#note M2 JACENT. NO bingo this time
>M._Sugi_Arto: EEG 6F GEE +12 133
>Christian_Oktavius: ?CNOSTZ E5 COZ +33 153
#note BEST, beat 8A ZINCS
>M._Sugi_Arto: IR 7C RI. +13 146
>Christian_Oktavius: ?DGNNST M4 G.NT +16 169
#note BEST
>M._Sugi_Arto: EEEINRT L7 ERENITE +68 214
#note This!!! Because the board it upside-down, I though he play ERINITE, and write ERINITE in my score sheet, not realizing that it was actually ERENITE**. It was stressful keeping the blank and S but no bingo playable
>Christian_Oktavius: ?ADDNQS 11J QA.D +28 197
#note BEST
>M._Sugi_Arto: PR 13K P.R +10 224
>Christian_Oktavius: ?DHIINS N9 DISHINg +95 292
>Christian_Oktavius: ADSTVWY (challenge) +5 297
#note HIghest scoring, BEST also
>M._Sugi_Arto: AEMNORT O4 MONARET +91 315
>M._Sugi_Arto: AEMNORT -- -91 224
#note Luckily I realize this time, not thinking he play MINARET...
>Christian_Oktavius: ADSTVWY O8 WAD +27 324
#note 3L DAVY, completely forget thet hot spot
>M._Sugi_Arto: AEMNORT N2 OMA +22 246
>Christian_Oktavius: BLOSTVY O1 BOYS +53 377
>M._Sugi_Arto: ETU 6A UTE +7 253
>Christian_Oktavius: EIKLOTV 15L VE.O +30 407
#note Playing this was proved much much better than play in column A. The main reason, Sugi will much, much likely to play triple-triple in this place, with INGS (remember he already pick the last N), when playing MONARET*, while tiriple-triple using U as 6th letter was much much unlikely
>M._Sugi_Arto: ERTV 8A VERT +30 283
>Christian_Oktavius: AIKLRTU H1 ALKI.. +33 440
>Christian_Oktavius: EIRRTTU (challenge) +5 445
#note Highest scoring
>M._Sugi_Arto: IX 14J XI +29 312
>Christian_Oktavius: EIRRTTU A8 .UTTIER +11 456
>Christian_Oktavius: ER (challenge) +5 461
#note Quackle suggest 2H LUR, blocking the likely bingo spot. However I have more than enough margin to keep ahead no matter what bingo he will play.

>M._Sugi_Arto: BCILNOS 3B INBLOC.S +90 402
>M._Sugi_Arto: BCILNOS -- -90 312
#note Sugi in fact, can bingo with 1F COALBINS for 63
>Christian_Oktavius: ER B13 RE +10 471
#note K8 OFFER
>Christian_Oktavius: (NBLOCSI) +22 493
Player 2
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