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Player 1
#player1 Matthew_O'Connor Matthew O'Connor
#player2 Joshua_Castellano Joshua Castellano
>Matthew_O'Connor: BCDENOS 8G COB +14 14
>Joshua_Castellano: AAEFILT G8 .ALIFATE +65 65
>Matthew_O'Connor: IKNS 15D KIN.S +42 56
>Joshua_Castellano: ?ADDEOT 7H iODATED +66 131
#note OxIDATED
>Matthew_O'Connor: CDIO 8L ODIC +33 89
>Joshua_Castellano: GHILNOY 6I HOY +29 160
>Matthew_O'Connor: ETX F9 TEX +27 116
>Joshua_Castellano: GGIJLNT M2 JINGL.. +32 192
#note JIGGLED, yeesh.
>Matthew_O'Connor: AW 2M .AW +26 142
>Joshua_Castellano: GIIIPPT 4I PIPI.G +22 214
#note I should've done the math and I didn't realize TIPPING was 4 more points.
>Matthew_O'Connor: AEGLSTU 12G .LUTAGES +76 218
#note I thought this was good because I remember someone playing it WJSC. This was probably the game.
>Joshua_Castellano: EITUUWZ E8 WUZ +30 244
>Matthew_O'Connor: AA 1N AA +23 241
>Joshua_Castellano: EILMQTU K9 UMI.Q +32 276
>Matthew_O'Connor: IN 13K .IN +31 272
>Joshua_Castellano: EHILRTY J9 YEL. +22 298
#note I took about 5 minutes to make this play because I couldn't find anything that scored and didn't open the board. TITELY and MYTHI are probably better than YELT.
>Matthew_O'Connor: EES 14K SEE +27 299
>Joshua_Castellano: EHIRTUV 3E VIRTU +15 313
>Matthew_O'Connor: ADOT 2F DOAT +25 324
>Joshua_Castellano: EHMNORR 1G OH +36 349
>Matthew_O'Connor: ?ENOORR E3 .OR +12 336
#note Championship Player puts this at the top. Matt wanted to make an opening that was harder to block.
>Joshua_Castellano: EEMNRRV F2 ..MER +16 365
#note I had to block the S hook to VOR and also not create another line. DIMER was the only play I saw that did this.
>Matthew_O'Connor: ?EENNOR D4 NE +17 353
#note This sets up a lane that is hard, but not impossible, to block (more on this later).
>Joshua_Castellano: ABEENRV D11 BREA. +22 387
#note At this point I thought I had the game. Championship Player puts this at the top because bingoes after this should be impossible.
>Matthew_O'Connor: ?ENORRS C5 SERRaNO +65 418
#note Fuck this guy.
>Matthew_O'Connor: (EFNV) +20 438
Player 2
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