Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Castellano Joshua Castellano
#player2 Tim_Weiss Tim Weiss
>Joshua_Castellano: AEEIRRT 8C TEARIER +66 66
>Tim_Weiss: AGINSTU D2 UNITAG.S +68 68
>Joshua_Castellano: AADLOTU F1 LAUDATO. +63 129
>Tim_Weiss: AQT C4 QAT +27 95
>Joshua_Castellano: EHILOVZ 1F .EZ +36 165
#note LOLZ is a word.
>Tim_Weiss: OWY 7H YOW +18 113
>Joshua_Castellano: ?HIILOV K4 VIOL +24 189
>Tim_Weiss: IJY 4I JI.Y +34 147
>Joshua_Castellano: ??CDDHI 9I DItCHeD +74 263
>Tim_Weiss: AEILV O4 VAILE. +42 189
>Joshua_Castellano: ADENORT 10M OD +18 281
#note Was not looking for front extensions for VAILED and missed TRAVAILED and REAVAILED.
>Tim_Weiss: KOW 11K KOW +29 218
>Joshua_Castellano: AEINNRT 12F TRANNIE +76 357
>Tim_Weiss: BBEELP 13A PEBBLE +26 244
>Joshua_Castellano: AEINORX 14E OX +53 410
#note I remember thinking that I didn't have the A (I did) for ANOREXIA before slapping down OX.
>Tim_Weiss: EGGT 15F TEGG +29 273
>Joshua_Castellano: AEEINRR A13 .RE +15 425
#note I thought that APER and other plays through the P other than PRE gave back too much. I probably should have played REAPER.
>Tim_Weiss: FO 10I OF +31 304
>Joshua_Castellano: AEINRSS 2H ARSINES +79 504
>Tim_Weiss: EFM 1M FEM +31 335
>Joshua_Castellano: ACHINRU 14I UNCHAIR +81 585
#note Because why not.
>Joshua_Castellano: (EMNOPSU) +22 607
Player 2
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