Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Stocky Stocky
#player2 steve steve
>Stocky: ?AEGLSS 8D GLASSEs +68 68
>steve: CEFIMNO 9I FICO +23 23
>Stocky: EEILORT F8 .EROLITE +62 130
>steve: EMNOTUU 8L MENU +34 57
#note Simulator likes MUON the best, then MEOU and MOUE
>Stocky: NQRU 15D QU.RN +72 202
>steve: AHO E11 HAO +26 83
#note Missed a real nice 8L bingo here.
>Stocky: JOU 12B JOU.. +24 226
>steve: ABDEGTU B12 .UG +22 105
>Stocky: TX 13A T.X +38 264
>steve: ABDENPT 15A BA +24 129
>Stocky: AHI K9 .HIA +18 282
>steve: AADENPT 12H TAP.NADE +76 205
#note I can spell this word correctly and score the same coming down from M1, or play PATINAED. Lucked out not to lose a turn here with this phony.
>Stocky: DEEI 14H EIDE +11 293
>steve: ADILMOV O11 D.VIL +27 232
#note LAV at 11A, board vision error.
>Stocky: EIL H5 LIE. +4 297
>steve: AEMNOST 6E AMN.OTES +68 300
#note This or MONTA(G)ES. Q likes the other play.
>Stocky: ABE 5E BEA. +26 323
>steve: INORWYZ 5K WIZ +42 342
>Stocky: EY M3 YE. +30 353
>steve: NOOPRRY 4J ROP.Y +36 378
#note Throw in an extra R for 10 more points: ROPERY
>Stocky: CV M11 V.C +16 369
>steve: GNNORTW 2K GROWN +34 412
>Stocky: K 14N K. +12 381
>steve: AFNRRTT 4E AFT +22 434
#note i need to block bingos ending in E at J3. First thought of RAFT, but that loses to OxIDISE. I didn't see that, but figured there would probably be something there. FART is probably best.
>Stocky: ?DEIIOS D3 ID +22 403
>steve: NRRT K2 .R...R +10 444
>Stocky: ?EIOS 1N OE +17 420
>steve: NT O7 N.T +3 447
>steve: (IS?) +4 451
Player 2
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