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Player 1
#player1 steve steve
#player2 Mills Mills
>steve: AGMMNST 8G MM +12 12
>Mills: ?DEFIST -IDEF +0 0
>steve: AAGHNST 7G HANG +28 40
#note much better to keep the N and just play HAG
>Mills: ?AORSTU H5 TR.. +6 6
>steve: ?AABOST 5F cA.BOATS +68 108
#note Thought this was the safest bingo to play. I was wrong.
>Mills: ?EEHIRX L1 HErE.RIX +108 114
>steve: EEIKQSU 3I QUI.K +54 162
>Mills: ABU 1L .ABU +27 141
>steve: EEEORSY 8K O.EYE +45 207
#note The age-old lesson applies here: if you see a good play, look for a better one. A missed bingo, and it's a common word, to boot. Not too big of an error, however, and an argument could be made to play this anyway
>Mills: GLNOTTW M7 N.W +14 155
>steve: AEEIORS 2K A.RO +25 232
>Mills: INZ F2 ZIN. +32 187
>steve: EEIIRSW 6C IWIS +24 256
#note I considered this or WIZ. WIZ comes up second in a sim to the cute WRIER at 6k
>Mills: CDERSV C3 SCR.VED +38 225
>steve: AEEEFNR 8A RE.F +33 289
#note championship player likes d8 FEE, and a sim agrees. Another cute defensive play is FEMME.
>Mills: DEJLL O4 JELL.D +22 247
>steve: ACEEINT A2 CENTIA.E +61 350
>Mills: DNO D8 .OND +11 258
>steve: AAIOTTU 12C AUTO +26 376
>Mills: FOP F11 P.OF +17 275
>steve: ADGGITU 13A DUG +16 392
#note The best plays start at e9, GAIT or TAUT
>Mills: EIORSTY 11D .E. +16 291
>steve: AGIRTVY 10H GRAVITY +81 473
#note Almost missed the bingo, concentrating on the Y hook to POOF.
>Mills: EILNOST 15A ONLIEST +84 375
>Mills: (AEILOP) +16 391
Player 2
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