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Player 1
#player1 carol carol
#player2 steve steve
>carol: EPRTU 8D ERUPT +16 16
>steve: AAGIINN E5 ING.AIN +32 32
#note Not surprising to miss the bingo here. I was happy to hit the 2x2.

>carol: CDIK D2 DICK +28 44
>steve: AFHINRU F10 FURIAN +34 66
#note Best to keep grooming the rack w FAUN or FUN here, or even FUR. But certainly not to play a phony.
>carol: ILY 15E I.LY +21 65
>steve: EEEHLST C2 EH +23 89
>carol: ABERZ F2 ZEBRA +49 114
>steve: EELNSST 13B SETL.NES +70 159
>carol: MOP 1A MOP +29 143
>steve: AABCGOV B8 VOCAB. +19 178
>carol: JT 9A J.T +11 154
>steve: AEEGRVW B1 .W +24 202
#note I may have lost this game right here, when I got cute with this play. I saw WEAVE or WEAVER right away for 40 plus points, but then saw this scored decently enough, and I would draw into a playable bingo by drawing an A, E, or O, blank, and likely an S. That's almost half of the remaining tiles, and a majority of these bingos are high scoring.
>carol: ??DEIOU I5 OUtsIDE +64 218
>steve: AEEGRRV 12I RAVE +22 224
#note Her bingo blocked many of my potential bingos, had I drawn them.
>carol: EFW H3 FEW +15 233
>steve: EGLMORU J2 GOLEM +34 258
>carol: ADEGORS M6 DOGEARS +69 302
#note Scores 15 more one spot down.
>steve: AAERSTU N1 AURATES +75 333
#note phony*
>carol: EHTY O1 THEY +64 366
#note ouch
>steve: DIIIOOQ K11 O.OID +18 351
>carol: ALNNOTX 14J X. +25 391
>steve: IIQ K1 QI +14 365
>carol: ALNNOT G2 AL +21 412
>steve: I J14 .I +12 377
>steve: (NNOT) +8 385
Player 2
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