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Player 1
#player1 Roberdeau Roberdeau
#player2 steve steve
>Roberdeau: ADEPV H4 PAVED +28 28
>steve: AGIIINR -II +0 0
>Roberdeau: AAGILNR -IAAGL +0 28
>steve: AAGILNR I7 LARIGAN +67 67
>Roberdeau: DEMNORU G7 MOURNED +78 106
>steve: AINTUUW -IUUW +0 67
>Roberdeau: FOO H13 OOF +22 128
>steve: AEEGHNT J7 THEN +29 96
>Roberdeau: EHTW 5E WHE.T +22 150
>steve: AEEGIKL J12 LAKE +25 121
#note First big error. Thought about KEELAGE at E12, but never saw it at A12. That would have been much better, and a sim says 4h (P)EGLIKE is best, also APELIKE one step to the left.
>Roberdeau: ?EFINST K1 INFEcTS +75 225
>steve: ADEGINO 1H IND.GO +30 151
#note Sim likes GONIDIA O1 tws, but it's very close with fishing play of OE at 6E. So close that OE has overtaken it as I type this, thru 3k iterations (2-ply).
>Roberdeau: AZ 4D ZA +27 252
>steve: ABCDEIL 12F D.C.. +23 174
#note Of course, INDIGO would have been correct in results oriented analysis, if only I see the extension available this turn - INDIGOID. Otherwise, BIFACE for 32.
>Roberdeau: EM 6E EM +29 281
>steve: ABEILOT 3I BE.IT +26 200
#note Why I love this game, and why it's so often so very hard to find the best play. In this case it's a disco 8 beginning at 15h worth 48.
>Roberdeau: ?EILRST -EILR +0 281
>steve: AIILNOU -OLIIU +0 200
#note A lazy exchange. 2g UNION, or INION.
>Roberdeau: ISV 2F VIS +16 297
>steve: AAENORT F1 O.A +6 206
#note The elite player plays off the same two tiles, gets seven additional points, and creates the dynamic opening needed here with A(VIS)O.
>Roberdeau: EIIRSTW M3 .WISTIER +63 360
>steve: AEENQRT 8L Q. +21 227
>Roberdeau: OXY L10 OXY +28 388
>steve: AEENRRT N9 RE +11 238
#note Too late to change the outcome, but can't be missing bingos this high on the probability curve. n9 TERRANE
>Roberdeau: AY O8 YA +18 406
>steve: ?ABENRT D6 REBoANT +77 315
>Roberdeau: CEGLPSU D2 CU. +14 420
>steve: AEOOPSU N9 ..POSE +16 331
#note cp likes 11k OX. I must admit my brain was pretty much mush at this point, at the end of eight games of a rough day.
>Roberdeau: GRU 8A GRU. +21 441
#note LI(B) is a nice set up play for the G on the tws.
>steve: AJOU B6 JU.A +27 358
>Roberdeau: IILL O13 ILL +13 454
#note 10A ILI(A)L would have been a nice out play.
>steve: O 11K O. +18 376
>steve: (I) +2 378
Player 2
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