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Player 1
#player1 Iliana_F Iliana F
#player2 BJ BJ
>Iliana_F: AEV 8G VAE +12 12
#note Didn't know STIBNITE ("an ore of antimony"). Decided to take a chance on a no-vowel leave, rather than open up a juicy hotspot at 6J. Quackle suggests H7 BAIT instead. Duh, of course.
>Iliana_F: AAM G4 AMA +15 27
>BJ: ALNOSTT F4 LAT +20 28
#note Interestingly, NAT in the same place sims better. Maybe that leave is better. There are a few other better ones too.
>Iliana_F: AHLU 9I HAUL +20 47
>BJ: IKNOOST E3 TSK +38 66
#note ISOKONT -- good word. Missed KILOTONS, darn. Didn't like my play a ton but at least it was cute :P
>Iliana_F: FOSW L8 F.OWS +30 77
>BJ: BDINOOT M10 BOOT +23 89
#note DOOB in same place, slightly better.
>Iliana_F: RUY 8L .URY +30 107
>BJ: DEINNNO N10 INNED +34 123
#note Nearly played ONNED, but wasn't totally sure. ONDINE is a new word to me, a synonym of UNDINE, which I did know.
>Iliana_F: AGNR O12 GNAR +34 141
>BJ: EIIMNOX N4 MIXE. +30 153
#note Struggled here. J9 AXIOM is best (didn't see it).
>Iliana_F: ACCE O1 CECA +32 173
>BJ: ?DINORR M3 ROD +16 169
#note I7 D(EH)ORN is best, ROD is next.
>Iliana_F: HS 10I SH +32 205
>BJ: ?AEINPR 2G REPAINt +64 233
#note REPAINT is the only bingo here, and it simulates way behind several other choices! N2 RE(MIXER) for 41 is best. Some 30+ point L1 words are next, then a bunch more short 20+ point plays. Guess the great leave combined with avoiding opening such a big hotspot wins the day.
>Iliana_F: ETV 1F VET +26 231
>BJ: ?AEGIOR G8 .IRAGOEs +63 296
#note This was the only bingo. Some small plays had valuation not much lower. (eg L1 ONER)
>Iliana_F: EGIJNS 15D JES.ING +66 297
>Iliana_F: F (challenge) +5 302
#note Good word. I couldn't remember if JESS/JESSE were verbs so +5.
>BJ: ELLOTWZ 13E WO.TZ +27 323
#note 14E WEEL is clear winner. Say what you want, though, I liked playing WOOTZ. :)
>Iliana_F: F 7H .F +23 325
>BJ: DEIILLR 6K ILE. +16 339
#note DILLIER unplayable. Didn't quite know what to do, but ILEX sims well, after O6 IDYL.
>Iliana_F: PU 5J UP +16 341
>BJ: DEILORY 14E EY. +34 373
#note Champ likes F9 DOY and many others a lot more, for the Q block, I guess. I at least should've played OYE, not EYE.
>Iliana_F: DEENOQU 11D QUE.N +28 369
>BJ: DILOR 12C DI +28 401
>Iliana_F: DEO 13A DOE +14 383
#note VETOED for 19 was best.
>Iliana_F: (OLR) +6 389
Player 2
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