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Player 1
#player1 BJ BJ
#player2 Mike_F Mike F
>BJ: BFINOTW 8G WOF +18 18
#note After BOWFIN (didn't think of it), WOF is best.
>Mike_F: BOO 7G OBO +23 23
#note Q likes 9F BLIT best. I wanted to ditch the B also but didn't see it. 9F BENTY probably would have been my choice if I'd seen it and known it.
>Mike_F: HPU 10J HUP +29 52
>BJ: BEHINRT 11K HERB +32 81
#note 11K HIN sims a little better, but keeping the B seems not very useful, unless for making BOWL later? Can't be.
>Mike_F: LUV 6I LUV +15 67
>BJ: AEINPTT -- -70 81
#note I tried TOWL* even though I had serious doubts about it. I knew it was probably DOWL (it was) but wasn't 100%.
>Mike_F: EIMO K4 MO.IE +20 87
#note Had doubts about PATIN (it's good) so went with PATEN instead. L8 APPETITE sims well, but 12L PEAT sims best (didn't see it).
>Mike_F: AE 12L AE +16 103
>BJ: IIKMRTZ 13J RITZ +56 167
#note Best.
>Mike_F: AIN M1 ANI +16 119
#note Not sure why Mike chose this over M2 AIN or 1L PAIN/PIAN/PINA, but they sim similarly. Perhaps for the bingo lane starting at N3? Dunno.
>BJ: AEIIKMS O11 SMAIK +52 219
#note Not the best leave but a good score. N1 MAKI keeps the S but opens O4. SMAIK is best, barely, over SMEIK.
>Mike_F: EN 1L ..NE +18 137
#note I didn't like much here, but this sims pretty well. 5E ORGIA (making ALOFT) sims best, didn't know the word. N1 NAGOR has similar valuation to my play, but I didn't know that word either.
>Mike_F: ?AEEINR 12D ARENItE +66 203
#note Many choices, none hugely better than others. 5C PERINEA and CINEREA sim best.
>BJ: AADIIRV 14F VARIA +23 255
#note I continued my ignorance of the A front-hook to loft, though in this case my VARIA sims a notch better than the 5E version. J2 VIA is close, too.
>Mike_F: ENY 15G YEN +31 234
#note Mike told me afterward that his leave was four vowels here. He was going to trade, but for 31 take the points and maybe draw lucky and avoid the trade next time.
>BJ: CCDGIOS M7 DOC +18 273
#note 6E COG is much better but I didn't remember GOWL. I did remember GOBO, though, and could've hooked COG onto OBO, but didn't. My DOC sims below a lot of others, though 6E DOC is close to the top. Probably shouldn't have kept the CG combo, really. I didn't think an O-column comeback would be likely to be real big, so I went for it.
>Mike_F: IIUU -UUII +0 234
#note Mike said he did draw well (including the blank), but not well enough to avoid an exchange.
>BJ: CDGIOSW O5 DOWS +45 318
#note Didn't remember the word SODIC (O4 for 54, best) but should've played WOGS instead for a better leave.
>Mike_F: ?AEGLST E6 LEGATo.S +66 300
#note Many, many choices. 10B TAGLESS and 11B GELATES are best.
>BJ: CEFGIJN 13B JIG. +27 345
#note I soon after realized my mistake here, though Champ still likes it second-best after 6D CLEF.
>Mike_F: AQT 14A QAT +44 344
#note I forgot that my play would open QAT for him. I was looking out for that, then spaced. He was gambling on getting the I for himself, otherwise he didn't think he'd be able to catch me.
>BJ: CEFINSU A14 .I +33 378
#note Luckily, I ended up with the I myself. Champ likes QI best, but 8A CUING is close behind.
>Mike_F: DDLRTUX 14N X. +18 362
>BJ: CEFNSU D3 FUSE +16 394
#note I was very low on time. Didn't see D7 FUNS for 21.
>Mike_F: DDLRTU C6 TURD +11 373
>BJ: CN 11D C.N +12 406
#note This was the only outplay.
>BJ: (DL) +6 412
Player 2
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