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Player 1
#player1 BJ BJ
#player2 Ellen_J Ellen J
>BJ: AAIIMOR 8F AMI +10 10
#note Don't remember MOIRAI at all. MARIA or MOIRA or AMIA or exchange were the only reasonable options. Didn't think of AMIA, duh.
>Ellen_J: DEEEPRS I2 SPEEDER +70 70
#note A bunch of other placements were somewhat better, such as E2 SPEEDER.
>BJ: AIJOORV H1 JO +29 39
#note 3I POOJA was the other good option.
>Ellen_J: ?GIINQU 5F QUI.tING +84 154
#note QUAILING was the only other bingo.
#note I considered PAVIOR but forgot PAVIOUR. They wer best, along with VIGOUR and VIRAGO. VARIA wasn't terrible, but the leave is poor.
>Ellen_J: IIUU -UUII +0 154
>BJ: EFIORTU L2 FOU.T +16 75
#note Tried desperately to find a spot for FOU and failed. Totally missed FUGIO. FOUNT isn't bad, FUTON would've been better. Didn't know FAITOUR.
>Ellen_J: AHN M1 NAH +27 181
>BJ: BEILOPR N2 BOP +36 111
#note PREBOIL! Dang. BOP is good.
>Ellen_J: NOTW 10G WONT +17 198
>BJ: AEILLRY H10 .RALLY +30 141
#note AERIALLY! Sheesh! ORALLY sims pretty well but several words in column O sim better: ALLEY, AERILY, EARLY, etc. D9 AREALLY is interesting too.
>Ellen_J: X 4K X. +18 216
>BJ: DEEIKNS 14H .IKENED +44 185
#note ENSKIED! KNEIDELS! Also INQUEIETING and DISQUIETING. LIKENED comes up best after the bingos, though.
>Ellen_J: AEOSTTU O4 OUTEATS +79 295
>BJ: AHINNSW 13M WAN +25 210
#note I went with this instead of 13K HAW to avoid making the K12 hotspot even more juicy. Quackle likes 15M HAW best. I think I wanted to ditch an N and didn't mind keeping the H for some possible scoring on the next turn. Probably a bad decision.
>Ellen_J: BOOZ 12J BOZO +36 331
#note I sawe INEARTHS and THERIANS and knew there was one more but couldn't remember it. Figures it was the highest-scoring one (D8 HAIRNETS).
>Ellen_J: ELMU 15D MULE. +13 344
>BJ: ADIIITV 11B VI.A +14 298
#note C2 DAVIT and C3 VITA are best.
>Ellen_J: DEORS 15M DOS +24 368
>BJ: ?ACDIIT M11 C.... +11 309
#note With only column C as a good bingo lane, I fished for an E for, say, INEDITA. Champ likes 13B DISC or DISCI.
>Ellen_J: ERY B11 .ERY +20 388
>BJ: ?ADFIIT 12A F. +9 318
#note Fished again, though a bingo won't even win anymore, and I'm sure she'll block that lane.
>Ellen_J: CEELR C2 CREEL +16 404
>BJ: ?ADEIIT A12 .EAT +28 346
#note Well I got what I was fishing for. Lane is gone, of course.
>Ellen_J: GG 7I .GG +5 409
>Ellen_J: (IDI?) +8 417
Player 2
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