Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Paul Paul
#player2 Sid Sid
>Paul: AEEKORY 8D KEYER +34 34
#note aiming for a closed board
>Sid: ALNQSTW 9C QAT +30 30
>Paul: FGOO 7B GOOF +22 56
>Sid: LNNSTTW G7 W.NT +12 42
>Paul: BGIORTW -BOG +0 56
>Sid: EILNOSS I6 LESIONS +72 114
>Paul: AH J10 HA +28 84
>Sid: AEFOTXY K9 FOY +36 150
>Paul: BEIS 10B BISE +38 122
>Sid: AAEETUX H12 EAU +7 157
>Paul: ADNR G12 RAND +14 136
>Sid: AAEEMTX H1 TAXEME +50 207
>Paul: DEEHJPR - +0 136
>Sid: AAMNOPR 2A PANORAM. +78 285
#note lucky draw and it just so happens that this is a common low prob, otherwise I would have missed. note the score
>Paul: DEO 1A ODE +29 165
>Sid: ABEGIIZ 3C GI +16 301
#note I thought instead of playing baiz(e), I'd at least partially knock it out anyway and keep BAIZE to respond well to potential bingoes. I underestimated how much playing baize now actually dents his bingo % tho
>Paul: EILNRTT 4G N.TTLIER +66 231
>Sid: ABEIIIZ J2 ZI.I +33 334
>Paul: ?CEIRUV N1 sCU.VIER +78 309
>Sid: ABCEIPU 8L CU.B +33 367
>Paul: EJT 1L JE.T +54 363
>Sid: AEGILPS 15A PALSIE. +33 400
#note Paul underscored ODE by 10. With this AWFUL looking pool for bingoing through the B or U, I decided to block scoring plays on column 15 (even though there isn't anything too devastating), and hoped to block bingoes later with better knowledge of a shrinking pool. However, SALEP now outruns much more than I thought. Quackle thinks that salep isn't that much better than palsied, but against a human opponent I must make him fight for his win.
>Paul: ?DHINOR B14 H. +10 373
>Sid: DGLOUVW O8 .UG +6 406
#note I draw the exact 6 worst tiles in the pool, in addition to leaving the A in the bag for him to draw, and now he has unblockable bingoes. I hoped he would miss duration
>Paul: ?ADINOR M7 D.RAtION +77 450
>Paul: (DLOVW) +24 474
Player 2
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