Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Avery Avery
#player2 Vicki Vicki
>Avery: AEGIINS -I +0 0
>Vicki: AEEGORR - +0 0
#note She also exchanges 1
>Avery: AEGINST H2 INGESTA +70 70
>Vicki: IMO G5 MOI +15 15
>Avery: ADINOST 5E DO.. +14 84
>Vicki: HO F4 O.H +28 43
>Avery: ADEINST I5 DESTAIN +82 166
>Vicki: ABORT H11 ABORT +32 75
>Avery: AEFIIOS J10 FIE +30 196
>Vicki: JO G13 JO +36 111
>Avery: AGIOSVV 2G V.VA +12 208
>Vicki: AEY I13 YEA +32 143
>Avery: AGILLOS 11E LOG...A +32 240
>Vicki: DEY 10D DEY +30 173
>Avery: AEEIKLS F14 KA +34 274
#note 1J ALKIES may be better, but I wanted another bingo.
>Vicki: CGMRTTW - +0 173
#note Exchange 3
>Avery: ?EEGILS 8E GEL..InES +66 340
#note At this point I was winning the tournament regardless of what happened so I just took the 9 rather than play the good bingo. LEGISLATE also fits.
>Vicki: EMR 12C REM +15 188
>Avery: ILPPRUU M3 PUPIL. +22 362
#note Pretty lame. PURLIEU and SLIPUP are better. UPPILE is cool.
>Vicki: TX 6L T.X +26 214
>Avery: EIOORUW 5K WI.E +29 391
>Vicki: BHS 4L B.SH +46 260
>Avery: ANOOQRU 15C AQU. +23 414
>Vicki: INW 14A WIN +14 274
>Avery: ACNOORR A11 CRO.N +33 447
#note Not sure why I didn't just do CORNROW - I saw it.
>Vicki: CEL O1 LEC. +27 301
>Avery: ?AEEFOR N1 EF +22 469
>Vicki: DINRTTU 12J .TUI +10 311
>Avery: ?ADEORR N9 DROsERA +72 541
#note I had a bye round 14 since Paul had to leave early. Overall I think I played well this tournament. Strategy seemed to be better than before. There were some glaring board vision errors, and my tracking failed me on several occasions. Several word knowledge fails (INSULANT, SHEUCHS, etc). Obviously very lucky with draws in many of my games though with lots of blanks and things like SERIATIM and INGESTA. I don't think this playing style would fare well against people rated 1900+ though, so I need to work on being more consistent.
>Avery: (NNRTUZ) +30 571
Player 2
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