Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Sid Sid
#player2 Avery Avery
>Sid: AAEGSTZ 8G ZAG +26 26
#note With both of our racks.
>Avery: ?AFFPRT 7I AFF +14 14
#note Could also do H8 AFF.
>Sid: ACEESTU 6F ACUTE +22 48
>Avery: ?EOPRTW 7F WO +26 40
>Sid: DDEHOSX K7 .OXED +32 80
>Avery: ?EPRRST 10F TaPER.RS +63 103
#note I wanted to keep the board as open as possible here. Not 100% sure of PRESTERS. PRETERMS is the play I was looking for. I scored this as 61.
>Sid: DEHMMOS 11E HOMED +34 114
#note Or MODEM.
>Avery: ?EHLTTY 12C THEY +31 134
#note Chosen over 5D THY to create more lines for the blank.
>Sid: AEMORSU L8 MU.AS +39 153
>Avery: ?ACILTY C8 ChAT.ILY +74 208
#note Saw SCATTILY and INTACTLY and wrote them out but couldn't pull the trigger.
>Sid: AEEGNOR 15A GA.ER +30 183
#note ERYNGO is awfully dangerous since the J is still lurking.
>Avery: IJLNPRT H10 ..PTIN +39 247
#note Intentional phony since it's much much better than anything else I have and it's a really hard challenge. I can't play JAR since there's still A's unseen. I don't like plays on row 5 since they create a lane on row 4 that's really hard to deal with.
>Sid: EEINNOO I13 ONO +11 194
#note Going for an -ING bingo on column A.
>Avery: AEJLNRU 8A UN.LE +24 271
#note Given how long he took to play ONO, I'm perfectly fine with this play to take out -ING bingos.
>Sid: EEIIINU -EIIIU +0 194
#note Killer draw
>Avery: AAJLORS 5D RAJ +33 304
>Sid: BDEENRR A5 REB.RDEN +62 256
>Sid: BDEENRR -- -62 194
>Avery: AILLOSV B6 VI.AL +23 327
#note Just in case REBURNED* is good. And the other plays are too open anyway.
>Sid: BDEENRR 8K ..BRE +27 221
>Avery: BEIILOS N6 BI.O +12 339
>Sid: DDENORT D1 ODDE. +16 237
#note He's still going for a win, so this is fine.
>Avery: EEEILSU 2B LU.E +10 349
#note Setting up the ELUDE hook while blocking most triple-triples.
>Sid: INNRSTV E11 ..T +6 243
#note If anyone saw my post on Facebook, Sid played this correctly but we wondered after the game what would happen if he had somehow put it halfway between E13 and E14. Obviously ethics say to let them play a 6 point play, but I don't know if rules mention this.

Sid is going for ENVIRONS here.
>Avery: AEEIKNS A1 SEEK +45 394
#note I could just go ahead and block column O, but this is a lot of points and I had a feeling he wasn't going to hit either NERVINGS or ENVIRONS, both of which I saw. I should do O1 SKEANE, which I didn't even think of.
>Sid: IINNRSV 4A .I +6 249
>Avery: AIINOQW O5 QI +15 409
>Sid: GINNRSV 10B ..V +6 255
#note He opts to play the endgame in the style of one of our favorite ISC players.
>Avery: AIINOW M3 WINO +19 428
>Sid: GINNRS 4K GR.N +10 265
>Avery: AI 14H ..IA +6 434
>Avery: (INS) +6 440
Player 2
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