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Player 1
#player1 Avery Avery
#player2 Paul Paul
>Avery: BCELNNU H7 BUNN +12 12
#note Eschewed NUNCLE since I didn't like the lone B as a leave.
>Paul: AKP 10G K.AP +16 16
>Avery: CEELOPS I8 PE.L +14 26
#note Overcomplicating again. I didn't think he necessarily had an S after KNAP but this isn't a good enough leave to justify sacrificing points to make more S lanes. Pretty weak play here.
>Paul: AHO J6 HAO +19 35
>Avery: ?CEIOST 5E ExOTICS +91 117
#note But I don't get punished and draw like a god again. This time EXOTICS is better than POETICS.
>Paul: AGIV 11D VIGA +22 57
>Avery: EHIJLNS 4C JIN +22 139
#note Ack, didn't think about JINX. The blank confused me. I could also do KANJI but I'd rather not risk him getting a large bingo in return.
>Paul: EEZ C4 .EEZ +30 87
>Avery: EHLRRST 8B LEHR +32 171
#note Obviously better than THE despite it scoring more.
>Paul: MY B5 MY +32 119
>Avery: ADRSTUU 11I .AUD +14 185
#note Spent a lot of my time on this turn for no good reason.
>Paul: AQT 3D QAT +26 145
>Avery: ENORSTU M8 TONSURE +72 257
>Paul: AFRW 14J WAF.R +38 183
>Avery: AEIMNOR 15D MORAINE +91 348
>Paul: CEELORT N3 ELECTOR +69 252
#note Intentionally passing up ELECTRO since he needs to draw an S and hope I can't block it.
>Avery: ADINTTV O1 VITA +29 377
#note DAVIT scores 45 but I have to block this hook.
>Paul: OW O7 OW +35 287
>Avery: DGIINST 3J NIDG.. +16 393
#note Sacrificing some equity to make row 2 harder to hit
>Paul: BDOU H1 DOUB. +33 320
>Avery: AEIIIST I1 AI +7 400
#note I'm getting really low on time (5ish minutes left starting this play) so I couldn't exert a lot of thought. I completely overlooked column A as a viable bingo lane so I just tried to block things like FROGEYED. Board vision failure here. I should definitely play A6 AI to block easy -ERS bingos.
>Paul: ?DEFGLS 9L F.. +6 326
#note He laid down FLEDGES on row 13 but noticed SA*. So now I know his full rack and am very lucky he couldn't hit column A immediately.
>Avery: EIIOSTX O11 EXIST +72 472
#note I now see column A as a threat, so I spent the rest of my time trying to figure out if it was worth blocking. This is just too many points to pass up though.
>Paul: ?DEGLRS A1 LoDGERS +91 417
>Paul: (EIOY) +14 431
Player 2
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