Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Vicki Vicki
#player2 Avery Avery
>Vicki: AHOY 8F AHOY +20 20
>Avery: AGLLORW 9E GLOW +22 22
#note Setting up the A.
>Vicki: ANW 7F AWN +32 52
>Avery: AALNPRS E5 NAP +19 41
#note Didn't like the extra C and F hooks on LAP, but I should just do that.
>Vicki: TTUU 10H TUTU +13 65
>Avery: AEELORS 11B AREOLES +72 113
>Vicki: EEINRST C5 REINTE.S +60 125
#note RETINUES among others
>Avery: ABEKRVZ 8A BA.K +45 158
#note Trying to be cheeky and draw a D for 10B.
>Vicki: EELPS B2 SLEEP +38 163
>Avery: EEGQRVZ K9 Q.EER +28 186
#note Same thing as last time - willing to take the bad leave to go for the D. I'll exchange if I need to later.
>Vicki: AIJ L7 AJI +29 192
>Avery: EGOOOVZ C1 ZOO +30 216
#note Could have fished for ZERO here but I didn't want to have a bad leave on the semi-forked board she created.
>Vicki: ILT 8L .ILT +33 225
>Avery: ?EGIORV O1 OVERGIl. +86 302
#note Not 100% sure of GROVIEST. looked at GROVIER and couldn't pull the trigger. If she didn't challenge so often I'd have played it more confidently. She did hold this.
>Vicki: INRU K4 RUIN +10 235
>Avery: ?AFIOVY 10B F.Y +35 337
#note Ack, 1A NAZIFY! Looked at HAZY and decided that was bad with a consonant heavy bag.
>Vicki: CDEU 4I CU.ED +16 251
>Avery: ?AAINOV N8 .AVAtION +86 423
>Vicki: DHI 15L HI.D +36 287
>Avery: BEFGIIX M11 FIX +50 473
>Vicki: CO M2 CO. +12 299
>Avery: BDEEGIM J3 D.MB +29 502
#note Great chance of drawing a consonant next turn, so I'm fine with taking points here.
>Vicki: AMNRSTT D1 ANTS +28 327
>Avery: DEEGI I1 DEI.E +18 520
#note Just playing ICE is better to set up GED. Going out is one point worse, and this is two points worse.
>Vicki: MRT 12J R.M.. +12 339
>Avery: G 1C ..G +13 533
>Avery: (T) +2 535
Player 2
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