Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Avery Avery
#player2 Vicki Vicki
>Avery: ABDFIIR H4 BIFID +28 28
#note Setting up the A hook.
>Vicki: EFW I7 FEW +29 29
>Avery: AAIIRST 8G I..A +5 33
#note Decided to set things up since I knew I could capitalize on spread this game if I drew well.
>Vicki: CHR G7 R.CH +20 49
>Avery: ?AEIRST 5E SER.ATIm +78 111
#note I mean, that helps. She was trigger happy on challenging so I played as obscure as I could.
>Vicki: CDOSSWY - +0 49
#note challenge
>Avery: AELNTUU K8 LUAU +14 125
#note Damn, 4D TUNABLE is awesome. Not sure why I didn't opt to play long here.
>Vicki: DOPR 4C DROP +20 69
>Avery: BEEILNT 4H .LEB +16 141
>Vicki: EGL 6D LEG +21 90
>Avery: EGILNOT 3J LOGE +18 159
>Vicki: AKO 3B KOA +22 112
>Avery: EINOSTZ 8G .....IZES +60 219
#note I draw well
>Vicki: VW 10J V.W +17 129
>Avery: EEINOST H10 OE +7 226
#note I saw ESSONITE but wanted a higher scoring bingo. Yes, I would play ESSONITE against a different opponent. But I'm going for spread here, so why not?
>Vicki: AR 9M AR +17 146
>Avery: EIMNSTX F10 MIX +32 258
>Vicki: EOQRTU 13C QUOTER +45 191
>Avery: DENNOST 14G TENDONS +66 324
#note Not sure why I didn't play this up top.
>Vicki: AMP 15F MAP +39 230
>Avery: AGIINRY 15L AIRY +29 353
>Vicki: DENT 6K TEND +16 246
>Avery: ?AGINOS 2C SOAkING +64 417
#note After TEND came down, I just assumed I couldn't play to the S anymore and didn't look there anymore. Oops. Board vision fail. Nothing else besides AGONIS(emt)S and SOA(kpr)ING.
>Vicki: CEHT D11 CH.TE +22 268
>Avery: AJNOUVY 15A JAN. +33 450
#note Not sure this is optimal if she doesn't go out.
>Vicki: EINT O12 TIN. +8 276
>Avery: OUVY 2M YOU +17 467
>Vicki: E H1 E. +6 282
>Vicki: (V) +8 290
Player 2
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