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Player 1
#player1 Ryan_Wee Ryan Wee
#player2 Ganesh_Asirvatham Ganesh Asirvatham
>Ryan_Wee: AEEFLTY H8 LEAFY +30 30
#note Just my good luck to square off against the JUGGERNAUT in G1 of the tournament!

The DUCK seems to prefer FEALTY/FEATLY by a bit but I think ET is a slightly stronger leave than E and less could go wrong with the former -- only a 2pt sacrifice so not worth agonising over.

I started vertically in the hopes of invoking a bit of Nigel, who was just sitting a table away.

>Ganesh_Asirvatham: AK G12 KA +16 16
#note Can infer that he kept a juggernaut-y strong leave here, though he spent quite some time on this.
>Ryan_Wee: DENOTTW I7 WONT +19 49
#note Interestingly, my move is not initially offered by Quackle but jumps up to the top once it is manually entered.

Saw WON(KY) but that didn't really cut it for me. I saw things along row 14 like TOWT or TOWTED but those weren't real blocks at all; so I finally decided on WONT keeping an okay leave, making it harder for G to bingo along row 8 while maintaining a lane for myself to counterbingo.
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: AEIRSTY 9G Y.. +10 26
#note SATIRE+Y defo was his rack, no questions about it. Best move (but one which he again spent a few minutes mulling over).
>Ryan_Wee: DEELNTT F8 LENT +13 62
#note I instantly arranged NETTLED but started to doubt its validity, and eventually convinced myself that only NETTLES was good (?!). It may help to add that I had forgotten what the word meant.

Needless to say my move sucked. Very nettled!
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: AEGIRST 14B TRIAGES +81 107
#note Ganesh missed the SEYEN hook I had kindly provided him. E9 SEAGIRT would have made for a better placement (and scores just one point fewer)
>Ryan_Wee: DDERSTT 15H TED +18 80
#note So my downfall at the powerful hands of the Juggernaut begins thus - didn't see 15G STEDD but doubt I would have played that. Felt like the S was still precious to me. If only I hadn't chickened out of NETTLED!
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: IQ 15A QI +35 142
>Ryan_Wee: DDENRST 8H ..RD +5 85
#note (KY)NDED is a cool play which I would have made had I seen it. Was very stumped as to what to play here - so I started praying for divine intervention.
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: BGO 7D GOB +13 155
#note GOB/OLENT scores 1 more and looks better.
>Ryan_Wee: ENRRSTX D13 N.X +18 103
#note can't catch a break. Best (followed by RAX which was my preferred choice intially, but 8 points was 8 points to me).
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: AEFHS L8 SHEAF +31 186
#note no divine intervention? :(
>Ryan_Wee: EMRRSTU K5 MUR.ER +25 128
#note There goes my spot for STURMER! :(

DERM is #1, followed by my play. My word knowledge is garbage so wasn't too keen on DERM (couldn't see how to proceed or at best my spotting an eight/seven with an RUTS leave).
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: ?ADENPU D3 PyEN.ADU +74 260
#note Am sure he spotted POUNDAGE for 80 but decided against it. PYENGADU is admittedly cooler! (I held briefly.)
>Ryan_Wee: ?ILRSTV 8A RIV. +21 149
#note Thankfully I did not miss anything here (thought there might have been something through the E or even a seven). SAV is better by far - wish I'd thought of that.
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: CILOW G3 WILCO +23 283
#note WILCO plays at L1 too for nine more points but I guess he was just looking to score decently while killing off the board.
>Ryan_Wee: ?ILSSTT 11K S.LT +28 177
#note Best play!
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: AIJO J2 JIAO +31 314
#note I am down by close to 140 points after JIAO...
>Ryan_Wee: ?EIOSTU O8 TOUSIEr +76 253
#note No time to think about pithy differences! (Quackle gives me a 2.5% chance of winning even after this...)
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: DEI H1 DIE +17 331
#note Ominous! (Am lucky he didn't have anything -ED or similar.)
>Ryan_Wee: ABCINOZ L1 COBZA +47 300
#note Starting to see a glimmer of hope here.
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: EOV 1L .OVE +27 358
>Ryan_Wee: AEGHIIN 5D .H +10 310
#note According to CP only (B)I at 3L or (A)I at E14 have ANY chance of winning. Because (as I mentioned) my word knowledge is shite, I couldn't see any possibilities of an out-bingo (certainly couldn't outrun normally) other than through fishing an H, so I did just that...
>Ganesh_Asirvatham: AENOPRU 1D POUN. +11 369
#note !!! and I got exactly what I was hoping for!!!! an M! No winning moves for Ganesh (M10 PLEURA scores the most.)
>Ryan_Wee: AEGIIMN A5 MIG.AINE +62 372
#note IMAGINER for 89 would have been sweet but I was only 90% sure of it and I really did not want to throw this monumental moment away (especially given how relatively painstaking the comeback up till this point had been!)
>Ryan_Wee: (AER) +6 378
Player 2
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