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Player 1
#player1 stardom stardom
#player2 cesar cesar
>stardom: ALTUV 8D VAULT +24 24
>cesar: IIKNQRR F7 Q.IRK +20 20
>stardom: DEFOR 11C FOR.ED +28 52
>cesar: AGIINOR H11 .OING +24 44
#note i studied GRANITOID too. but G6 OIL is MUCH better than my move.
>stardom: ES 12E ES +23 75
>cesar: AACILMR H1 MAILCAR. +89 133
>cesar: AACILMR -- -89 44
#note i very rarely play these types of phonies, but i went for it. blah.
>stardom: OOT C11 .OOT +14 89
>cesar: AACILMR 10B CAL +21 65
#note D10 CORIA is the play i was looking for. i also saw MALAR but i don't know why i didn't play it!! I might have not been totally sure on it and didn't want to lose another turn, but i'm pretty sure it's good? most likely i was just jilted, i lost a turn, i'm probably gonna lose this game and i just lost the last one.
>stardom: EEIIMST 14G E.MITIES +74 163
>cesar: ADEIMNR 15E MAR.INED +79 144
>stardom: BEUZ N10 ZEBU. +36 199
>cesar: AEHOPTX O8 HOAX +62 206
>stardom: DIINTU B4 DUNITI. +12 211
>cesar: ?EOPPTT A7 PET +27 233
#note 12B TOPES actually gives back only slightly less but seems to be a better play. i suppose there's a lot of good places to score here so that PET doesn't have to be played?
>stardom: AHLU A1 HULA +28 239
>cesar: ?ACJOPT B13 TAJ +26 259
#note 12L JOB results in more bingos for me, surprisingly. the bag seems very consonant heavy, i don't get it.
>stardom: ANV M11 VAN. +35 274
>cesar: ?ACENOP H1 COPArEN. +86 345
#note PANOChE is defensively better for bingos but not for overlaps. interesting play. i think it's a toss up.
>stardom: FOR C2 FRO +16 290
>cesar: ?EEORWY D10 ..WE +31 376
#note YOWE I2 for the higher bingo % (and better defense at the same time).
>stardom: BE 4A ...BE +16 306
>cesar: ?EIORYY 4G Y.Y +9 385
#note struggled with this move for a while. my top choice was I7 EYRY but couldn't commit to it. i was afraid that a disaster would happen, for some reason. yet it sims to basically win every game. maybe i also got greedy. YAY is probably much worse than EYRY.
>stardom: AEGINSW 5H .ESAWING +77 383
>cesar: ?EGILOR 1H .LOgGIER +86 471
#note i have a lot of choices here, but i wanted the spread. i was about 98% sure of this word vs something like LOWERInG. 0.98 * 86 > 74, with the proviso that i also lose this game if I'm wrong, but c'est la vie.

I've never adhered to the "if you're not 100% sure of a word and you could lose if you play it, don't play it". my counter-reasoning is that i don't deserve to win if i'm not 100% sure of a word. i think i've only lost one game because of this. it's dirty to win a game despite not being sure of a word.
>cesar: (DRS) +8 479
Player 2
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