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Player 1
#player1 cesar cesar
#player2 max max
>cesar: BFIJRYZ 8F FRIZ +32 32
#note i knew i would lose this game when i started it.
>max: ?AENORT 9G ENAcTOR +76 76
>cesar: AABDIJY 8M ABY +26 58
#note this was an almost unbelievably frustrating position. quackle is ridiculous, it likes 8L JAY best. then JAB a little under that. i prefer 8M AJI now to what i did.
>max: FOPR 7J PROF +23 99
>cesar: ACDEIJM 6L JAM +34 92
>max: LOOP 7E POOL +19 118
>cesar: CDEHILU L9 .UCH +18 110
#note just J6 UP sims at the top, but i don't think this works enough against a human player.
>max: EOTV 6B VETO +19 137
>cesar: DEEIILS 5E LEI +16 126
#note i'm not sure if i just missed 5C DELI or i didn't like it but surely EIS is not 9 points worse than DEIS. I need to be more disciplined about writing plays down.
>max: NTUU 11J UN.UT +14 151
>cesar: DEIILSW O1 WIELDS +46 172
>max: EHI 4L HEI. +14 165
>cesar: AAEIKLN 3L AA +13 185
#note the word i'm looking for here is KALIAN 3H. or barring that, KEA. frustrated that i can't find those moves.
>max: ADDEIOT 2F IODATED +70 235
>cesar: EIIKLMN - +0 185
#note i inexplicably instantly challenged this play, despite having a 51 point comeback. unbelievable. i will always have one or two games every tournament where i have a complete meltdown.
>max: DI 1H ID +21 256
>cesar: EIIKLMN C3 MIN.LIKE +90 275
>cesar: EIIKLMN -- -90 185
#note lol
>max: BGU 1D BUG +12 268
>cesar: EIIKLMN D1 .ILK +20 205
>max: AEVY 3A VEA.Y +22 290
>cesar: CEEGIMN C6 .MCEEING +84 289
#note the gods still want me to win this game for some reason
>max: EGINRST 11A ST.NGIER +68 358
>cesar: AANNRRS G11 .RN +4 293
#note maybe not so much. they would have given me the blank. K12 NAN is the best move.
>max: ?EEQS O11 EQuES +77 435
>cesar: AANORST 8A AR.O +21 314
#note was low on time
>max: OWX N1 OX +41 476
>cesar: ANST 14K STAN. +10 324
#note godawful game on my part. i don't know how i won this tournament.
>cesar: (W) +8 332
Player 2
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