Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Sid Sid
#player2 Avery Avery
>Sid: EEIJORR 8F JEER +22 22
#note With both of our racks.
>Avery: AEEEEQR -AEEEQ +0 0
>Sid: ILORXY 9E LOX +44 66
#note unknown 7th tile
>Avery: EEIKRSW 7G KREWE +42 42
>Sid: CGIMORY 10D GOY +38 104
>Avery: EIORSTT E9 ..OT +8 50
#note I have no idea what to play here and I'm already frustrated that Sid has a lead on a closed board.
>Sid: ?CIIMRU K3 URIn.MIC +72 176
#note So at this point, Sid overdraws, I flip over DIU and give him IU. Turns out the 4th tile was the blank. Dammit! If I had given him any other combination, he is forced to find DIMETRIC or DULCIMER and I have a feeling that's harder than URINEMIC.
>Avery: DEIIRST 13B DITSIER +73 123
>Sid: ABDDMNR H12 B.AD +30 206
#note Sid prefers DRAB here.
>Avery: AGLOSST 10K .LOG +11 134
#note At this point I'm really frustrated so I opt to set up the hook at the expense of scoring nothing.
>Sid: BDIMNRV M9 B.VID +28 234
#note MORBID is also interesting since it saves the V to place at N8.
>Avery: ACESSST F8 ...S +16 150
#note That's 2 turns without a bingo
>Sid: AFMNRTW N12 FAWN +28 262
#note Nice play here. Better L12 MAWN since it doesn't do much about the S hook. If I hit a bingo with CLOGS, he gets this hotspot.
>Avery: AACESST 15L CA.E +27 177
#note Turn 3
>Sid: EEMOPRT 12A MOTE. +29 291
>Avery: AILOSST L7 SO +21 198
#note oh my god
>Sid: EEHOPRV N8 VE. +11 302
>Avery: AILNNST I6 T..N +5 203
#note aaaaand I blow it. I saw UNINSTAL and immediately turned my brain off and sighed. INSULANT, you idiot! Funny enough that I usually miss UNINSTAL when doing this in Zyzzyva. Bad.
>Sid: DEHIOPR J5 PO. +18 320
#note HEIRDOM is another option but this gets rid of the easy S hook.
>Avery: AAEILNS 12G A. +6 209
#note SIGH
>Sid: DEHILNR B12 ..D +10 330
#note Reasoning here: block the D (obvious), avoid drawing variance (like the Q and other duplicates), and to keep L3 HEN. He also thought the E was valuable to responding to my threats.
>Avery: AEILNRS 15C ISLAN.ER +60 269
#note better than nothing but it's bleak
>Sid: EGHILNR L3 HEN +26 356
>Avery: AEFIOPT 12L T..F +28 297
#note I wasn't really thinking I was going to win this game so I just started scoring.
>Sid: ?GILNRZ 4K ..Z +12 368
#note ZIRaM is better.
>Avery: AAEINOP M4 .AP +20 317
#note see previous note
>Sid: ?GILNRY 12G ..LY +9 377
>Avery: AEHINOT A14 OH +18 335
#note see previous note, except now it starts to get interesting
>Sid: ?GINRUU A11 U. +4 381
#note Sid is really low on time at this point (2:30 or something). GRUM is the play here. In reality, QUANTUM for me actually doesn't win all that often because Sid draws -ING bingos with every draw except the U. GRUM also does better for setting up the Q because of QI, and I can't bingo at all after it.
>Avery: AAEIINT O11 I. +5 340
#note Trying to avoid the Q and stick him with it, but if he lands QUORUM/QUANTUM or almost anything else, I'm dead. This board is so unfriendly to scoring that a stick may not even be successful.
>Sid: ?GINRUU - +0 381
#note GRUM is still an option, but he's basically won here. RYU is considerable as well. If I bingo by some miracle, he can respond easily, and if he draws the Q, he has the U and blank, and I can't outrun him with all one pointers.
>Avery: AAEINQT 6M .A +6 346
#note Risky business here. Going for a U for QUINATE or hoping he doesn't have any -ING bingos.
>Sid: ?GINRUU 6M ..R +5 386
#note Apparently this is literally the only rack that can't hit that side thing with -ING! QUITING, RUINING, etc. two U's is what killed him here. But he had mistracked and thought there was no N left. This is literally the only losing play - even passing should win here. If I play QAT, he can outrun me with a play on column A and then playing RYU to block easy vowel dumps. Also, it doesn't give up my next play. As an exercise, find the optimal endgame here if you pass and I play QAT - you win by 29 (with Quackle's scores - not accounting for scoring errors).
>Avery: AEEINQT O1 QINTA. +48 394
#note After being utterly shocked that I could play my Q for this many points, I just slapped this down and yelled "54" without thinking. Man, it pained me to see Sid's heart melt in front of my face at watching a won game disappear.
>Sid: ?AGINUU N2 GI +14 400
>Avery: EE J11 E.E +6 400
#note Wow.
>Avery: (ANUU?) +8 408
Player 2
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