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Player 1
#player1 Avery Avery
#player2 Sid Sid
>Avery: EHIOPTV H4 PIVOT +26 26
#note Not sure what's best here but I'm fine with this.
>Sid: BCKNNUU G7 BUNK +23 23
#note NUBUCK
>Avery: ?ADEGHU 4A DUnGHEA. +82 108
#note Only other bingo is GAUCHED which I wasn't sure of. Thought it might be an adjective. I like this more though to keep the board more open against Sid.
>Sid: CEINORU 11F COENURI +79 102
>Avery: AGILPSU I7 PALI.G +26 134
#note Trying to overcomplicate things here. This forks the board because of BOPS and PALINGS, and I figured Sid might not be sure of PALINGS. GUID is just so balanced though, and even though the board doesn't have an immediate S hook, it's worth blocking the D. CP actually puts E4 HUP and my play pretty far ahead of everything else, with GAUD third. I think this play is cool but I'm not sure I fully stand by it.
>Sid: AEEEFIQ A1 QAI. +42 144
>Avery: DEGISUZ C3 U.SIZED +56 190
>Sid: ?CEEEFM 12L FEME +30 174
#note And all of a sudden, Sid falls into a rut of not being able to capitalize on the blank.
>Avery: AAAGITW D8 TAIGA +20 210
>Sid: ?CEEEER E4 .ERE +14 188
#note He spent a long time here trying to channel his inner Gibson. Options include ECHE, EMCEE, CHEER, and HERE. He thought LECHE* was good but even without any hooks, I think I like ECHE here - you have to bingo and the C hinders that goal by a full 20-25% per a sim. EMCEE is way too volatile at this score, and most of the time, I'll block it after flipping over 5 tiles.
>Avery: AEFORSW B8 FORESAW +90 300
#note I don't think even Gibson would have foreseen this coming
>Sid: ?ACEEEO N10 CA.EO +30 218
>Avery: ADIIMOY O11 M.DII +33 333
#note Blocking the S hook.
>Sid: ?EENRWX C11 REX +45 263
#note C11 NEWER is interesting. He needs a big bingo to catch up, and the X is conducive to that. But the pool is not. If you want to rely on going for two bingos and cutting off the spread difference by a series of 30-40 point plays, REX is the way to go. However, it does give up lots of points at A13 which I wouldn't get otherwise for some lowish scoring tiles. Interesting position.
>Avery: ANOSSTY A13 SOY +33 366
>Sid: ?EHNNTW F2 WH.N +20 283
>Avery: ADINSTY F11 .ITY +17 383
#note Just trying to make setups at the bottom harder to make and easier to block should they happen.
>Sid: ?ELNTTV L10 L..T +7 290
>Avery: ADELNST 2F .ETLANDS +64 447
#note yep
>Sid: ?EJNOTV 13J JO.T.. +32 322
>Avery: ABLNOOR L2 .OBLON +18 465
#note I wasn't even thinking about a bingo at this point. NONLABOR is the icing on the cake. This is the best nonbingo play.
>Sid: ?ENRV 6J pR.VEN +10 332
>Sid: (AR) +4 336
Player 2
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