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Player 1
#player1 Avery Avery
#player2 Yoli Yoli
>Avery: HNOSTTT H7 TOTH +14 14
#note I dedicated my opening play to Josh and Cesar. Wasn't even held.

>Yoli: BDEILRU I2 BUILDER +67 67
>Avery: AENPSTU 4F SUP.NATE +76 90
#note Are you ready to see the worst game of your life?
>Yoli: INZ 3K ZIN +41 108
>Avery: AEGIORR 5I .OG +36 126
>Yoli: ESTV N2 VEST +38 146
>Avery: AEIRRTW J7 WARTIER +71 197
#note Or WRATHIER.
>Yoli: ANOV 3C NOVA +16 162
>Avery: ACEINOU O5 AEONIC +26 223
>Yoli: BJ D2 J.B +24 186
#note She laid down JOLK* at first but picked it up
>Avery: ?HINOQU L1 QU.. +23 246
#note Not crazy about keeping the Q here, but apparently according to a short 2-ply sim, I bingo about 50% of the time. I don't see how, but I guess things like 2F HO have merit.
>Yoli: FTX 11I F.XT +28 214
>Avery: ?EHIMNO L8 MON.EItH +88 334
>Yoli: IKNPRSU - +0 214
#note challenge
>Avery: AEGILPR 15H GRAP. +33 367
#note I should win this game, right?
>Yoli: KNO 2F KNO. +37 251
>Avery: CEEEIIL M7 CEE +16 383
#note Debated this one with Sid for a while, and I think I'm still OK with my play but I wouldn't do it in a do-over. I figured if she's going to score, she would do it at M9 to play 3 tiles, but she also has 1G to play 2 and score more. Since I can't block up there effectively though I opted for this block. I wasn't a fan of ICIER, but all she can really do is play for 30+ at 13B so I should just do that - overthought this play way too much. LEE is also a better version of this. I'm 98% to win though. But I'm bad enough where that doesn't mean anything.
>Yoli: DGOS 5A DOGS +19 270
>Avery: AADEIIL A1 ILIA. +21 404
#note Yep, I didn't win this game
>Yoli: OY 1G OY +32 302
>Avery: AADEERR 13J .A.A +8 412
#note Getting rid of the R, but I should try to score more.
>Yoli: AF B1 FA +19 321
>Avery: DEEIRRY B4 Y.D +16 428
#note Again not Quackle approved but I didn't need something from the G coming down, and I thought it was way less likely for a bingo to start with GE- than anything else.
>Yoli: E 5I ...E +19 340
>Avery: EEEIMRR 10G E. +5 433
#note So here's what happens. I overlook GRAPHEME, which is clearly correct. Then my tracking indicates she has DLLSUW?. I apparently don't even think to double check the bag to note that there's another tile left, and I think that she can't do much to block this setup. I had gone the whole second half of the game without any indication that my tracking was off, but I didn't even think to check the damn bag! Really got mad when I realized I had to draw one more tile and I was frazzled.
#note When I saw the U, I knew I had mistracked and had to pray she didn't have a vowel, but I saw this and was absolutely thrown off. But then I counted my last rack as 20 instead of 18 and she didn't correct me! I actually went ahead and did a recount since I was really mad at myself, and I would have been perfectly fine accepting a loss for that big of a mistake. Turns out everything was scored right except for the final rack! Lesson learned: you should recount that too. Definitely a hard-learned lesson but I'm glad it came in the form of something other than a loss. Definitely the weak point of the year for Scrabble, but I was motivated to play better in the next games against my best friend in Scrabble.
#rack2 ?DILLSW
Player 2
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