Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Yoli Yoli
#player2 Avery Avery
>Yoli: ACELPT 8D CAPLET +26 26
>Avery: ?BBJSTU E5 JUB. +26 26
#note Would anyone play JUST/CAPLETS here?
>Yoli: ADKLNOT D8 .OOTY +20 46
>Yoli: ADKLNOT -- -20 26
>Avery: ?BCSTWZ 6D W.Z +35 61
>Yoli: OOTY 9H TOYO +13 39
#note She played this on top of CAPLET and then noticed OT* after a while.
>Avery: ?BCEQST -BQ +0 61
>Yoli: I 7E .I +18 57
>Avery: ?CEIOST L3 ExOTICS +80 141
#note POETICS is a bit better. Wasn't 100% sure.
>Yoli: AER 8L .ARE +18 75
>Avery: ADEEIMU K3 MEDIA +31 172
>Yoli: OV H7 V..O +7 82
#note this is now a false open board
>Avery: ADEENRU N6 UN.EAD +11 183
#note Not 100% sure on ENDURER, and it seemed contrived enough where she could challenge. This is considerably weaker since I completely forgot about the Y hook though.
>Yoli: AILSX O11 AXILS +63 145
#note I thought this play was apropos in lieu of my bungle.

>Avery: ADEQRUY 10F QU.D +38 221
>Yoli: BIRT 11D BRIT +25 170
>Avery: AEHNORY 3I HO..Y +34 255
#note Not doing HAE despite the defense, but this is too aggressive despite a good leave. I missed ONYX and ORYX.
>Yoli: AST 12F SAT +19 189
>Avery: AEENRRR O1 REEARN +23 278
>Yoli: AEFKMNO 2C GONGERS +68 257
>Yoli: AEFKMNO -- -68 189
>Avery: ?AEIRTW 15H WARTImE. +83 361
#note Missed STRAWIER, but this is better in case she finds SNOGGERS. The W placement nullifies the value of the E on that line as well.
>Yoli: EGGNORS D11 .OG +12 201
#note setting up... something?
>Avery: AFHIIKM J2 F.H +22 383
#note Just blocking off the top here - screw leave
>Yoli: EGNRS 13C E.G +10 211
#note setting up... something?
>Avery: AIIIKLM 14I KAIL +24 407
>Yoli: RU K9 .UR +6 217
#note see previous turns
>Avery: EFIIMOP N1 OF +22 429
#note Feeling kind of bad about keeping her this low so I started playing faster to end it - I already have a ton of spread by this point so I'm not worried about optimization
>Yoli: V J13 V.. +6 223
>Avery: EGIIMOP M10 MOPE +24 453
#note how did I draw zero N's in that bag
>Yoli: DEENNNS 6J N.. +5 228
>Avery: GIILN E13 .IG +5 458
#note Just setting up a sure out in two, but I shouldn't give her SIDE. -9, but I wasn't really putting a whole lot of effort into this endgame.
>Yoli: DEENNS 14D S.DE +16 244
>Avery: ILN 12A LIN. +7 465
>Avery: (ENN) +6 471
Player 2
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