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Player 1
#player1 John John
#player2 Avery_Mojica Avery Mojica
>John: ACENRTT 8H TRANCE +22 22
#note John provides his racks again. Exchange the T. You bingo with some draws.
>Avery_Mojica: BDEFHII N4 BIFID +29 29
>John: ALLNQRT - +0 22
#note instachallenges TRANCED
>Avery_Mojica: ?EHHIUY L5 HEU.H +13 42
#note Not optimal, but I've played him enough where I don't think he'll know the S hook.
>John: ?IMNSTW 9L .M +17 39
#note WOMANIST or any other better fish
>Avery_Mojica: ?AEIRVY O1 VARY +53 95
>John: ?INSTWZ 2N Z. +22 61
>Avery_Mojica: ?EILNTU 4F LUTEINs +90 185
>John: ?INOSTW J7 W.ITrONS +64 125
#note TOWNSITE. Plays like K4 NOW have merit too but he's down a lot.
>Avery_Mojica: AEELOOS I11 OLEA +13 198
>John: AAMOQTU H1 QUO.A +42 167
>Avery_Mojica: DEEGJOS G3 J.DGE +43 241
>John: ACMNRRT F7 MARC +18 185
#note hey look, defense
>Avery_Mojica: EIKOOST K2 KI.O +26 267
>John: DEINPRT 14I ..PIRED +20 205
#note he spent a long time here but there's no bingos. I guess he's going for an S here?
>Avery_Mojica: EILOSST O12 LI.O +18 285
#note Dunno, going for an -EST/MARCS bingo.
>John: ADEGNTV 12H G..VED +26 231
#note yay, number one play
>Avery_Mojica: BENOSST I3 B.ST +28 313
#note I thought SHEUCHES* would be the plural. I was wrong. This is a weak play.
>John: AAEENRT 10A REENA.T +11 242
#note I'll let you make your own commentary for this play. yes, this happened.
>Avery_Mojica: AEFNOSX A8 FO.EX +69 382
>John: AAGILNT L1 LA +9 251
#note play the stem bingos
>Avery_Mojica: AENOPRS B2 PERSONA +77 459
#note should play PERSONAE to block the N, but he had sighed so I doubted I was at risk.
>John: AGIINTY 11L YIN +14 265
#note well, CP's last pick has a valuation of -21, so this is probably worse than that by some margin
>Avery_Mojica: EOSUW 11D OWSE +37 496
>John: AGIT 12C AG +14 279
#note GITANO
>Avery_Mojica: U N10 U. +4 500
>Avery_Mojica: (IT) +4 504
Player 2
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