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Player 1
#player1 Avery_Mojica Avery Mojica
#player2 John John
>Avery_Mojica: GIIISUY -ABLRST +0 0
#note God this game frustrated me.
>John: EORSTUY 8F YOU +12 12
#note John provided his racks.
>Avery_Mojica: LMORSVW 7D VROW +28 28
#note Better than the bottom placement to not give up OWE hooks, despite me having an L.
>John: AADERST I8 RAD +12 24
#note I thought he said he missed a bingo here but I guess not.
>Avery_Mojica: CILLMQS J6 QIS +40 68
>John: ADEESTY 11F YEASTED +77 101
>Avery_Mojica: ACELLMN 10C CLAM +27 95
#note No clue here. Got frustrated with looking and put this down.
>John: AIMNOST H11 .MINO +30 131
#note SAINTDOM was missed. AMNIO better for placement.
>Avery_Mojica: DEEELLN D4 DEL.E +20 115
#note Already used up more than half my time by this point staring at this dumb rack. No T for DENTELLE. No idea here either.
>John: APRSTUX E3 PAX +45 176
>Avery_Mojica: AEIKLNO C3 KOLA +32 147
#note This or KAOLIN. Keeping the I for both K6 and B5 swayed me here, but I see merit in both.
>John: ?EERSTU 6H RE.UESTs +68 244
#note no
>Avery_Mojica: AEGINTU O6 .AUTEING +77 224
#note yes
>John: AEGHHNO M3 GNA.H +26 270
>Avery_Mojica: ?FNSTTV K10 V.NT +7 231
#note Not thrilled about keeping 4 consonants despite plenty of E's and I's left.
>John: DEGHLOR N10 HOE +31 301
#note Yeah, this is his rack. He said he didn't like G13 HOG since his tracking indicated there were a lot of E's and I's left. That's all I'll say.
>Avery_Mojica: ?FIIOST 14B FOISTI.g +74 305
#note Missed C8 FICTIONS, but this has its merit to block bingo lines. I had him on a bit of a better leave than DGLR.
>John: DEGILRT 13A RIDGE +30 331
#note giving me a new bingo line for no real reason
>Avery_Mojica: BEINOUW 4H BUNIO. +22 327
#note Hated making this, but what else? Just turning over tiles and hoping for the best.
>John: BCLNORT B6 BLOC +25 356
>Avery_Mojica: EEJPRWZ F6 J.. +29 356
#note Stumped again. Just trying to prolong the game and maybe draw 8A ZONE, J2 ZIN or even land M12 PREZ and hope he plays something that doesn't allow him to go out in two/hit the Z.
>John: AAFINRT 15A AFT +31 387
>Avery_Mojica: EEEPRWZ F1 EWE +18 374
#note We had some scoring errors, but even accounting for those, there's no win. I have to try this and hope he does what he did against Josh and misses my big out play from mistracking or something.
>John: AIINR L13 AIN +6 393
#note this may have been the most defensive play he made this whole game
>Avery_Mojica: EPRZ 1D ZE. +22 396
#note Not optimal but I wanted 400. We didn't catch the scoring errors. That was a common theme this tournament. I don't get enough over-the-board practice and then I forget how to count.
>John: IR 5L R.I +8 401
>John: (PR) +8 409
#note Score reported 409-403.
Player 2
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