Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Avery Avery
#player2 Paul Paul
>Avery: EIIIIJS -IIIIJ +0 0
>Paul: AGIM 8G MAGI +14 14
>Avery: ADEILST 9B DILATES +67 67
>Paul: ADEV 7F DEVA +26 40
>Avery: ?LORTUV E8 V.LUaTOR +70 137
>Paul: EIKSY 15C KY.IES +51 91
>Avery: EHINORR 14G HORNIER +69 206
#note Obviously better than the 6I placement
>Paul: BIILR 6B LIBRI +16 107
>Avery: AEJQTUZ L12 JE.Z +60 266
#note I flipped over J, then Z, then Q, then T, then UEA. Pretty damn lucky.
>Paul: DES 15L .EDS +44 151
>Avery: AINQRTU O8 QUINTAR. +104 370
#note loldraw
>Paul: AFNW 6I FAWN +19 170
>Avery: CEEHLOU 5J LOUCH +34 404
>Avery: CEEHLOU -- -34 370
#note I had said "LOUCHE" in my head and then plunked this down without realizing I had forgotten to put the E on it! He challenged pretty quickly. Dunderheaded mistake here.
>Paul: EPR 8A REP +22 192
>Avery: CEEHLOU 5J LOUCHE +36 406
#note But wait! 13H COULEE is the star play. That's awesome. Totally missed it.
>Paul: UX N10 XU +52 244
>Avery: EEGGOPT 12D G.GE +10 416
>Paul: DFOOT O1 FOOT.D +33 277
>Avery: CEEOPTT N1 OPT +25 441
>Paul: AIM 5E AMI +20 297
>Avery: CEEEOTW 4C EEW +18 459
#note Old Avery would play ETWEE and lose lots of spread.
>Paul: BNY L4 B..NY +28 325
>Avery: ?ACEOOT H1 ThECA +33 492
#note Very surprising last pull! This is tied for best with 13H COATEE.
>Paul: AAINNS 11G ANNAS +12 337
>Avery: OO N5 .OO +13 505
>Avery: (I) +2 507
Player 2
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