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Player 1
#player1 Paul Paul
#player2 Avery Avery
>Paul: GOW H7 WOG +14 14
>Avery: AEEKNSY I6 KEY +22 22
#note One time in middle school, someone asked me if I saw the "crazy Yankees game last night" and I asked them which sport they were talking about.
>Paul: AEEG G4 AGEE +13 27
>Avery: ACEINPS 10F INSCAPE +73 95
>Paul: HIRW H1 WHIR +36 63
>Avery: DIQRSUU K7 QUI.U +32 127
#note I like this since it makes the S hooks hard to deal with.
>Paul: AEOT J3 TOEA +14 77
>Avery: BBDENRS K2 BEND +24 151
#note He had spent a while on TOEA so I inferred a blank. I considered 9J BIB, 5J EBB and F9 NIBBED. Wasn't crazy about forking the board so I discarded NIBBED. What ultimately swayed me toward BEND was aversion to being stuck with an unplayable bingo or some duplicated one pointers that don't score well on the board. BIB does have the added advantage of creating an S hook that is more powerful since bingos there hit M3, but I overestimated the value of the E hook being created. The obvious disadvantage of BEND though is cheap points at L1 such as JANE. BIB is CP's pick at 83.6% winning with BEND behind by less than one percent. I think I'm comfortable with my play here but BIB is my choice in a do-over.
>Paul: CEHIPRV - +0 77
#note Exchange 6
>Avery: BERRSVY L1 BYES +40 191
#note Not liking anything in particular here. I debated between BYES and VERBS but opted for this since it eliminated 30+ point plays and forced him to bingo with an S unless he hit row 11 in which case I would have reasonable chances at counterplay.
>Paul: AFMO F3 FOAM +31 108
>Avery: AORRRVV -AORRRVV +0 191
#note I'm not playing BRRR. Screw you Quackle. With two blanks unseen I want to go for one, even if I think he already had one.
>Paul: EINZ E5 ZEIN +57 165
>Avery: ?EGIIOT 8A TOEI.G +24 215
#note Debated between TOEING, TIEING, TIGON and BIOG. BIOG looks really clear in hindsight, not sure what swayed me here.
>Paul: DRU 1L .URD +21 186
>Avery: ?HIINST 12E TaHINIS +77 292
#note He took a really long time to play BURD also, so I had to assume he had a strong leave including the blank for sure and maybe even an S (though I feel like he would have bingoed more often than not if he had that). I opted for this to keep the board closed as tight as possible to make it harder to open and not open a triple. I wasn't 100% sure of TITHINGS or WITHINS and missed TINSMITH. I think I'm comfortable with my choice here also but should play something on the right like HEISTING. Everything's really close with championship player but I think this is a sizable mistake. CP even picks stuff like SHINIEST for 72 over HISTING for 85 though.
>Paul: FOO 13C FOO +14 200
>Avery: LNRRSTU B7 L.RN +6 298
#note Now I have to sacrifice to block this area. If he bingoed on row 14, I get counterplay pretty often.
>Paul: ?ADELOR A8 .AiLORED +80 280
>Avery: AEMRSTU 14E MATURES +68 366
>Paul: OPT 15F TOP +31 311
>Avery: AACIRTV 6C CR... +9 375
#note I'm pretty low on time here and had mistracked so I double checked to make sure there weren't any crazy things coming down columns N and O. All I came up with was RIVALLED. I eventually just chose this to give myself VATIC or ATAXIC and simplify the endgame. Didn't have a lot of time to see ATOM or anything. Pretty weak here.
>Paul: ADILLVX 11C VIA +24 335
#note Dodging a bullet here
>Avery: AAIJTVX N1 .AJ +20 395
#note Blind to putting my J at J11, which also blocks his out of NULLED. I have less than a minute here
>Paul: DELLN 8K .N +3 338
#note I think he said he thought he would V stick me somehow with this
>Avery: AITVX M7 TIX +22 417
#note Best endgame play here though. Whew.
>Paul: DELL B14 DE +15 353
>Avery: AV L6 VA. +18 435
#note Sloppy game one. Lucky to not be punished severely for blunders.
>Avery: (LL) +4 439
Player 2
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