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Player 1
#player1 cesar cesar
#player2 jackson_s jackson s
>cesar: AEHIRUU -IUU +0 0
#note Jackson vs Cesar is the Polt vs Jaedong of Scrabble
>jackson_s: III -III +0 0
>cesar: ADEHORT 8D HOARD +26 26
#note i think HOARD isn't actually right here, that's too many good letters to give after a -3. considered HO or HOD. I think HO is fine.
>jackson_s: ?EEINRT E5 sER.TINE +78 78
>cesar: EEKLRTW D12 WEEK +42 68
>jackson_s: GOW 15A GOW. +36 114
>cesar: ?ILRTTY H1 TILTYaR. +86 154
>jackson_s: EF F10 FE +28 142
>cesar: DEIIMNR 1A DIRIMEN. +86 240
>jackson_s: OX 2E OX +54 196
>cesar: AEIOSSY C13 YO. +30 270
>jackson_s: IQ D4 QI +23 219
>cesar: AAEIPSS 7C PA.A +16 286
#note slight defense here
>jackson_s: GP 5G G.P +9 228
>cesar: ACEISST J1 ECTASIS +77 363
#note forgot ascites
>jackson_s: ELLNOST 9H STOLLEN +71 299
>cesar: AEFGHIN 8M FAH +34 397
>jackson_s: DJOR N4 JORD.. +16 315
>cesar: AEGINUV B13 AV. +30 427
#note i am not 100% on my 7th tile being a U. i think it might actually have been an M on second thought.
>jackson_s: AT 12D ..TA +13 328
>cesar: CEGIMNU 13G MUG +18 445
#note (FE)UING is stronger here. or 13F EMU.
>jackson_s: AAR 4L RA.A +24 352
>cesar: CDEINOU 3G E.U.ION +24 469
>jackson_s: ESU 10M USE +28 380
>cesar: BCDEIUV 11I CUBED +28 497
#note O1 UVEA has a much better valuation in CP, can't figure out why. i can go out a lot next turn with CUBED?
>jackson_s: BEILNOZ O1 ZON.E +44 424
>cesar: INV 14F VIN +21 518
>cesar: (BIL) +10 528
Player 2
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