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Player 1
#player1 joey joey
#player2 cesar cesar
>joey: I -I +0 0
>cesar: DEEILPZ 8G ZEP +28 28
>joey: AFIMNOR H1 FORAMIN. +92 92
>joey: AFIMNOR -- -92 0
>cesar: ?DEEIJL -J +0 28
#note this is a massive mistake, i wrote down AFIMNOPR and didn't recognize it right away. i didn't play JEEZ cuz of JANIFORM and then talked myself out of other things, i.e. H7 JEE can result in FORAM or something. i guess that's fine, though. maybe H7 JEED, which i considered for a long time.
>joey: AFIMNOR I6 NA.IFORM +70 70
>cesar: ?DEEILV 11D EVILD.Er +94 122
>joey: EEJR 12A JEER +42 112
>cesar: DIKOPTT B11 K.PT +20 142
#note INKPOT but i don't even like it that much. i prefer KEPT here.
>joey: ANW H13 AWN +22 134
>cesar: DDIOQTW D6 DOWDI.. +16 158
#note i figured the Q spot could wait another turn. keeping DDIOTW seemed too gross. turnover is the most important thing in Scrabble.
>joey: CHISU L8 CUISH +38 172
>cesar: ?BEEOQT F10 Q. +31 189
#note see? because of Turnover, i drew the second blank.
>joey: OVX E5 VOX +38 210
>cesar: ?BEEORT C7 BO +27 216
#note note that this is slightly better than bingoing with J1 OvERBET for 66.
>joey: MNOU M12 MUON +19 229
>cesar: ?ACEERT H1 rECREAT. +84 300
#note lame; missed ExECRATE for 6 more and way better defense.
>joey: AHI 8L .HIA +27 256
>cesar: AAEILOY A12 .OEY +48 348
>joey: AEGU 15K GE.UA +21 277
>cesar: AAAILRS 7M AAL +14 362
#note J2 LAARI is very strongly worth considering. not sure what's right here.
>joey: DEGINOT J1 INGOTED +72 349
>cesar: ABFILRS 2B FRIABL. +36 398
#note maybe 10H IFF, but nah, this is fine.
>joey: RT 8A TR.. +21 370
>cesar: EEGIRST A3 GRISE.TE +60 458
>joey: AILOSTY M3 ALIY..S +31 401
>cesar: NNSU O11 SUNN. +6 464
>cesar: (OT) +4 468
Player 2
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