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#player1 holey_ant holey ant
#player2 sneakyofverb sneakyofverb
>holey_ant: EIILMNR 8G LI +4 4
#note with two rounds to go and two spots up for grabs in the finals, jeremy and i led at 10-3 (+770 for me, +139 for him) with adam (+785) and tony (+331) at 9-4. scrabble. excitement… LI doesn't appear in the list of choices (even for cp) but if you manually enter it, it shoots to the top of the sim. i approve of short openings to reduce draw volatility. something like MERLIN, MIRIN, or MILER is a waste. hell, i'd endorse exchanging I before thinking of going long.
>sneakyofverb: AAILQTU 8D QUA..A +25 25
#note quackle originally suggests some garbage that opens up way too much. but after i vigorously shake the laptop a few times, it magically proclaims my move (or h4 QUALIA) to be tops. it also hints at g8 (L)A, which is cute and all but AILQTU doesn't go with quite enough tiles to make it worth the fish.
>holey_ant: AEIMNPR 7H PERMIAN +70 74
#note there's one through the first A that scores four more. not a big deal.
>sneakyofverb: GIILNTV M2 VIGIL.NT +76 101
#note one of two letters that helps my cause for an 8. can't complain about my luck this tournament.
>holey_ant: EEGHOOT 2J HOO.E +38 112
#note WARNING: site of future disasters! (stay tuned, this comment will become obvious soon.)
>sneakyofverb: AEIOSTU D8 .UOTA +28 129
#note i wrote down all playable 8s with this rack, but failed to recognize the bingo actually fits from 9g. :(
>holey_ant: EEGRTVX 10I VERTEX +47 159
#note o1 GREX for 72. don't worry, this won't be the last time one of us forgets this area.
>sneakyofverb: DEISSTU 1D STUDIES +82 211
#note playing the anagram from 13b may be 83, but that top line is just calling to be covered.
>holey_ant: CGIOORT F8 .RGOTIC +20 179
#note o1 ORGIC is le canard's feature pick. (that's #2 in our continuing series of ignoring the existence of the top-right corner.)
>sneakyofverb: ?ACDEJZ C10 JAZzED +66 277
#note i was so jazzed to see this, i completely overlooked o1 CrAZED for 92! (that's #3.)
>holey_ant: AEFLOOR 4G FLOORA.E +76 255
#note and the sweet fit of 3g AEROFOIL. wowzers. hey, at least FLOORAGE lowers the odds of future guilt of missing anything down from o1.
>sneakyofverb: CEGLNSW 5J SEW.NG +33 310
#note even though o1 ENGS scores the most, i'd rather shed the W for 11 less. and by now, you've probably caught on to the infamous trend we're trying to maintain.
>holey_ant: AEIINNY N10 .ENIA +24 279
#note quackers is trying to tease us again by suggesting o1 ANY. give up, it's a lost cause, we're never going to play anything there.
>sneakyofverb: ABCELMN O11 MANEB +41 351
#note i couldn't convince myself of XENIAL, so there went the chance for BECALM (or anything else on the bottom row). seriously, at the time, i was almost more sure CABLEM(A)N* was a word. at least MANEB does enough.
>holey_ant: EINOSWY M13 WYN +36 315
>sneakyofverb: ACHLPRU D1 .CARPH +26 377
#note with a win here probably clinching a berth in the final, i got paranoid and felt the need to wipe out all available bingo lanes without creating any new ones. SCARPH is absent from the top regular/cp choices but becomes a moderately acceptable option when manually inserted. cp likes 5c CULPA or d1 SULPHA, but i'm comfortable with what i did. also, tony held this for a while before accepting.
>holey_ant: ?EIKORS 11B K.. +7 322
#note with only one available hook in the remaining 11 tiles, KAT is a decent attempt. after the game, adam suggested 5b KIP. even though that would give me FLUKY (46), tony would be able to bingo off of that for 89 and win by 4. haven't figured out if there's a way i could stop him from bingoing after KIP, but that should be a fun exercise for y'all.
>sneakyofverb: DFILTUY A10 FITLY +20 397
#note there's no way i'm playing FLUID, because that could lead to an 80+ outbingo down from b2. and i really want to prevent losing. FITLY fits the bill.
>holey_ant: ?BEIORS 3I BO +22 344
#note that’s
>sneakyofverb: DDEOU C3 DUO +20 417
#note all
>holey_ant: ?EIRS 6B aS.IER +15 359
#note folks
>holey_ant: (DE) +6 365
#note minus 10 for overtime.
Player 2
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