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Player 1
#player1 Rob_Robinsky Rob Robinsky
#player2 Lisa_Odom Lisa Odom
>Rob_Robinsky: AAETTXY 8H ATAXY +38 38
>Lisa_Odom: ?ADEINP K1 ApPENDI. +84 84
#note PANDEMIA is almost as cool as this, but Lisa plays with panache.
>Rob_Robinsky: EEEIILW L1 WIEL +40 78
#note Held, but not challenged.
>Lisa_Odom: DEEN M1 NEED +32 116
>Rob_Robinsky: EEEIOQW L8 .OWIE +22 100
#note Quackle slightly favors WOE or WEE at J4. Shrug.
>Lisa_Odom: EGIOV 9F VOGIE +19 135
>Rob_Robinsky: EEELOQT -EELOQ +0 100
#note Seems best. I can't justify trying to play through this any further, and Lisa is starting to exert control over the board so taking another turn or more to clear the dreck off my rack is a very bad idea.
>Lisa_Odom: IRZ 7F RIZ +26 161
>Rob_Robinsky: EOORRST M9 ROOSTER +78 178
#note Looks best.
>Lisa_Odom: EGU 15L U.GE +18 179
>Rob_Robinsky: AEFLNOR E5 ORF +28 206
#note So, let's just pretend REFLATION isn't a word. I never even looked for it! ORF is a risky play - Lisa's last play implies another E on her rack. FAWNER is a bit stronger here.
>Lisa_Odom: EHIMO 8A HOMIE +40 219
>Rob_Robinsky: ?AELNRT O8 RENTAbL. +74 280
#note If one is allowed a moment to complain about a blank bingo, disappointingly this looks to be the best score available.
>Lisa_Odom: AELMNOT A8 .OTELMAN +92 311
#note I didn't really expect Lisa to have a balanced rack here!
>Rob_Robinsky: AIQSSUV D1 QUAIS +50 330
#note I didn't put enough consideration into N4 SUQ. With vowels growing scarce, retaining two in a balanced leave is worth more than usual.
>Lisa_Odom: CLP B6 CL.P +18 329
>Rob_Robinsky: EIJSSTV F2 JETS +30 360
#note Score some points, block off QU- plays, works for me. Quackle favors F2 STIVER slightly for the same reasons, perhaps because it gives a chance to draw into JIGSAWN.
>Lisa_Odom: BDN 3C B.N.D +20 349
>Rob_Robinsky: ADGHISV K11 GHI +28 388
#note Quackle approves setting up the S.
>Lisa_Odom: AFU N7 AUF +15 364
>Rob_Robinsky: ADKRSVY 5I KA.DY +31 419
#note This is a cute play, but it's at risk of losing to CINQ if I don't draw a vowel. I need to play it safe with J12 SKY, which has the additional benefit of setting up my R.
>Lisa_Odom: ABCINOT 1A CIN. +45 409
#note The best spread play for Lisa is to block my out with C8 MANTIC, setting up OB.
>Rob_Robinsky: RSUV 11A .RUVS +16 435
>Rob_Robinsky: (challenge) +5 440
>Rob_Robinsky: (ABOT) +12 452
Player 2
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