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Player 1
#player1 Lisa_Odom Lisa Odom
#player2 Rob_Robinsky Rob Robinsky
>Lisa_Odom: DINOP 8D POIND +22 22
>Rob_Robinsky: AABGNTV 9C GAB +16 16
#note Not the best play, ANTV isn't the most appetizing of leaves. I neglected to consider the value of the AVANT hook - had I thought more about it, I would probably have gone with VANT instead.
>Lisa_Odom: DIY 10B YID +24 46
>Rob_Robinsky: AEINSTV 11A NATIVES +86 102
#note Placing the S on H15 isn't enough to sacrifice 3 points, though NATIVES is less than 3 below DEVIANTS on valuation. So, as a general case - absent additional information about an opponent's rack and likelihood to bingo, it's generally not worth sacrificing points to try to make an opponent's possible bingo less lucrative. Easier to say that than put it into practice, though.
>Lisa_Odom: ETW 10F WET +29 75
>Rob_Robinsky: AAKORSV A11 .AVAR +27 129
#note Duck approved.
>Lisa_Odom: UX 7F XU +22 97
>Rob_Robinsky: ?IKORST 12G TuRKOIS +73 202
#note TROIKAS is favored by the 2 point score difference in the sim - in a vacuum, the K11 hotspot created by TURKOIS offsets any positional or defensive value to giving less bingo-prone floaters back to Lisa. Given her last three plays, I think TURKOIS is correct in this situation. I also misscored this play as 75, so I didn't think I was sacrificing any points!
>Lisa_Odom: ?AEFLNR K6 FARNEs.L +70 167
#note I think Lisa may have wanted to avoid creating the L8 hotspot and the lucrative S hook in row 15 with her placement, but given that she is still down a tempo and 40 points, I think she needs the volatility.
>Rob_Robinsky: BDEEINO M7 EBONI.ED +76 278
#note It also would have blocked my lucky post-bingo draw.
>Lisa_Odom: AHIU J4 HUIA +18 185
>Rob_Robinsky: CEEILOT 14A .LOETIC +22 300
#note Several plays sim nearly even in win percentage: 14A ATELIC, 8K ROBLE, 14A ALOETIC, and 8K REBEC. Both ALOETIC and ATELIC have a significant efffect on Lisa's bingo chances over the next two turns, as expected; ALOETIC has a slightly better chance of bingoing in that time due to the friendlier leave. I am generally willing to sacrifice points when it results in a more controlled game progression in my favor - ALOETIC gives me the best combination of board control and leave and hastens the end of the game while containing the board volatility to the upper right quadrant. Even if Lisa hits a bingo there, I should be able to exert continued pressure on the board geometry.
>Lisa_Odom: DEIOPSS N1 DISPOSE +76 261
>Rob_Robinsky: AEGHJOO 1L JA.E +60 360
>Lisa_Odom: LMY O7 LYM +27 288
>Rob_Robinsky: AFGHMOO 15F OHM +33 393
#note Basically a toss-up between this, N13 FOG setting up the H and M for point, and J9 OF retaining the H for 15G. I liked retaining the F for L6 and 10J scoring, but I might lean a bit more towards FOG in retrospect.
>Lisa_Odom: AQT 3K QAT. +26 314
>Rob_Robinsky: AFGLORZ 13C ZO +46 439
>Lisa_Odom: CIT 4I C.IT +33 347
>Rob_Robinsky: AEFGLRR J10 FA.ER +38 477
>Lisa_Odom: EEGNRUU I2 RU. +6 353
>Rob_Robinsky: EGLNORW 9G ROW +22 499
>Lisa_Odom: EEGNU H1 NEG +17 370
>Rob_Robinsky: EGLN 2D LENG.. +9 508
>Rob_Robinsky: (EU) +4 512
Player 2
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