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Player 1
#player1 sneakyofverb sneakyofverb
#player2 great_ryu_rank great ryu rank
>sneakyofverb: ADFIPSW 8G FAW +18 18
#note you can play this or go longer with WAIFS, but i wasn't too crazy about the DP leave.
>great_ryu_rank: EGINP J6 GENIP +28 28
>sneakyofverb: ADEIPRS 11F PRAISED +79 97
#note about a nanosecond after a hit the clock, i realized my stupidity. although, in my defense, all four of the 7s on this line create the potential for a decent comeback play.
>great_ryu_rank: ETV 9F VET +15 43
#note not as worried about that hook now.
>sneakyofverb: ?AAINOR L4 pARANOI. +68 165
#note PARANOID takes an S, ANTIDORA doesn't. the former allows for a J/Z-bomb, the latter exposes a juicy hotspot. didn't waste too much time deciding, mainly because i stopped looking after finding PARANOID.
>great_ryu_rank: EEG E8 GEE +11 54
#note yes, i'm also in favor of removing all evidence of my earlier mistake.
>sneakyofverb: AEHILYZ K5 ZA +48 213
#note i didn't find d10 HAZILY because i was literally in a haze. my goal was to take the quick points and move on.
>great_ryu_rank: AEQU H11 .QUAE +72 126
>sneakyofverb: ?EHILNY 8A HYIN. +39 252
#note i was pretty sure HYALINE took an S but i chose to play it safe. and i missed HYmENI(A)L.
>great_ryu_rank: LOY M7 LOY +25 151
>sneakyofverb: ?DELOSU A8 .OUSELeD +86 338
#note i thought there might've been more bingos from the H, but it turns out this is the only one. yay, me.
>great_ryu_rank: FOW D10 WOF +23 174
>sneakyofverb: CDJLRRV -CDJLRV +0 338
#note perhaps i should've just dumped a couple consonants with 14j JARL or c6 VRIL? or keep CR? or not care?
>great_ryu_rank: AEIIRST N2 AIRIEST +74 248
#note scores the most. anything else leaves the same problem, save for D(I)ETARI(E)S (but that's only 61). gotta play aggressive.
>sneakyofverb: BBMNNRU 15G B.NUMB +15 353
#note had i seen m3 BUR, i may have considered it. i thought i was being clever with this rack cleanup...
>great_ryu_rank: UX 14J XU +54 302
#note, c'mon, what were the odds? (1 in 1.)
>sneakyofverb: DEENORT O8 ERODENT +89 442
#note naturally, i luck into this.
>great_ryu_rank: JO N10 JO +53 355
#note some people have ALL the luck.
>sneakyofverb: AADILMT 1L MILD +38 480
#note while m1 ADMIT scores most, it's the only way i could possibly lose - although cp claims it wins 100% of the time. since i can't compute every possibility during the game and as i would like to win with two rounds to go, i'm cool with MILD (which, along with two other moves, also are valued at 100%).
>great_ryu_rank: COR 13K COR +17 372
>sneakyofverb: AAHLNOT B10 HOA +31 511
#note m3 HAT. i've been missing the ZARI/ZATI spot all game, so why not continue the trend?
>great_ryu_rank: G 3M G. +6 378
>sneakyofverb: ACELNTV C7 V.N +11 522
#note any play is assured victory, but this ends up blocking SKITTER(Y).
>great_ryu_rank: EIKRSTT 13C TSK +24 402
>sneakyofverb: ACEILT 14F CA. +15 537
>great_ryu_rank: EIRT 2I RITE +10 412
>great_ryu_rank: (EILT) +8 420
Player 2
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