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Player 1
#player1 Rob_Robinsky Rob Robinsky
#player2 Steve_Pellinen Steve Pellinen
>Rob_Robinsky: BGNRSTV -BGNV +0 0
>Steve_Pellinen: OU 8G OU +4 4
>Rob_Robinsky: DPRSTTZ G7 P.Z +27 27
#note DZO is favored for a bit more synergy in the leave, but I hesitate to open the H1 TWS after Steve's opening play.
>Steve_Pellinen: AEEISST I3 EASIEST +63 67
>Rob_Robinsky: DLMRSTT 4H M.LT +9 36
#note Quackle agrees.
>Steve_Pellinen: FOT J4 .OFT +32 99
>Rob_Robinsky: DEFRRST H1 FRE.D +39 75
#note The S adds 9 points to the score of this play, but I'm likely to need it to try to get tempo back. However, the board isn't really all that good for the S, so it's barely an advantage to keep it.
>Steve_Pellinen: AEU F5 EAU +9 108
>Rob_Robinsky: ANORSTY L4 YON +32 107
#note Uff-da. "Oh, how can I best use my Y to set me up to bingo soon, doo bee doo..." Periodic review of high-probability racks is useful.
>Steve_Pellinen: JNU E3 JUN +24 132
>Rob_Robinsky: AAIRSTW G2 AW +21 128
>Steve_Pellinen: AE F1 AE +9 141
>Rob_Robinsky: AGIORST E7 ORGIAST +71 199
#note Given my awful miss of AROYNTS, I'm super lucky that Steve's racks slowed down enough for me to stay in this game.
>Steve_Pellinen: AEY D4 YEA +25 166
>Rob_Robinsky: DIIINTU F10 NITID +22 221
>Steve_Pellinen: ?EGIOST 1H .OGgIEST +86 252
>Rob_Robinsky: DINRUVX C2 NURD +21 242
#note Basically indistinguishable from DURN. I think DURN makes it slightly likelier that Steve plays there for points (G, M) and blocks the X setup. The leave on G13 XI is just too poor to consider here.
>Steve_Pellinen: AHI 2M AHI +26 278
>Rob_Robinsky: DIKRRVX -DIKRRV +0 242
#note Quackle wants to take the points for XI now, leave be damned. I just couldn't stomach the significant likelihood that I would be forced to exchange next turn while still down 30 and a tempo, all the while Steve is grooming his rack. That being said, exchanging 6 is an overreaction. Of the exchanges, Q favors retaining DR and trying to hit the bingo as soon as possible.
>Steve_Pellinen: CEOP 8A COPE. +30 308
>Rob_Robinsky: ACEEMOX B1 COX +37 279
>Steve_Pellinen: DQ 11D Q..D +14 322
>Rob_Robinsky: ABEEKMV 13C BA..K +32 311
#note Sims best by a fair margin. I need to score and try to keep Steve from continuing to get cheap points with -IST plays.
>Steve_Pellinen: ANR 3M RAN +21 343
>Rob_Robinsky: ?EEGLMV 14B VEG +21 332
#note Drawing the blank suddenly makes me a favorite to win, according to Quackle! With the blank in hand, I might not even need to bingo to win the game - drawing the O would give me a sneaky 37 point minimum play at 12C.
>Steve_Pellinen: ILV B6 VI.L +15 358
>Rob_Robinsky: ?EELLMW N1 ...WL +11 343
#note I thought this was a really difficult position. My play, N1 SHAWL, has by far the highest valuation according to Quackle. It's not an attempt to create a new bingo line, but instead it is a shot at drawing into a seven that starts with E which threatens to play down column J or M. According to Quackle 4N ME has a slightly higher winning percentage on a many ply sim, 71.5% to 69.5%, but I don't really trust those numbers. I am neither savvy enough with Quackle nor motivated enough mathematically to run through each permutation of the two tile draw! I welcome any discussion of the position from those who are, though. I think my play is correct.
>Steve_Pellinen: BEHINOR 9I .HEIR +9 367
#note Steve doesn't have a win here, but it is possible for him to force me to play an intricate endgame dance to win by 5. As per usual, I have several minutes left on my clock at the end of the game, I can't even type that with a straight face. I am threatening EMAILER in two spots, and I have bingos through the E, I, or O. Can you find the best play for him? I will type it up in my next comment.
>Rob_Robinsky: ?EEILMR L8 t.MELIER +70 413
#note In talking with Steve after the game, I found his best blocking play but didn't even come close to fleshing it all the way out. The optimal sequence is for him to play 9I TORN, to which I respond with 10J MEE. He then plays 11K HE, but is forced to leave himself with only one out play for his BI! I can block it with 14F DIRL, leaving the blank. He is then forced to play off the B at 2A, and I go out with H1 FREMDS for a 5 point win. Scrabble is pretty damn cool.
>Rob_Robinsky: (BNO) +10 423
Player 2
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