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Player 1
#player1 Steve_Pellinen Steve Pellinen
#player2 Rob_Robinsky Rob Robinsky
>Steve_Pellinen: LNOW 8G LOWN +14 14
>Rob_Robinsky: AFJLLOR F8 FLORAL +22 22
#note Quackle appears to slightly favor F5 ROLF, perhaps because it retains the A to go along with the J for potential parallel plays. I'm not entirely convinced - it feels to me as though that forces me to hope for H/R/T as opposed to being more flexible when starting at E10, along with having additional draw possibilities.
>Steve_Pellinen: EGINRRT 12C RER.TING +70 84
>Steve_Pellinen: EGINRRT -- -70 14
>Rob_Robinsky: DIIJLOS J6 JI. +26 48
#note With knowledge of Steve's rack, setting up an effectively unblockable hook is clearly best. If nothing else, I expect to be able to constrict the board after Steve's expected short play.
>Steve_Pellinen: EGINRRT 9H RENT +24 38
#note RENIG is ideal here, to retain the strongest leave.
>Rob_Robinsky: DILNOOS 5H OODLINS +79 127
#note There's some value in sacrificing the extra points now that I know he is retaining a way to score off the O at H4, but not six points' worth. The odds aren't high that he'll have something super painful there.
>Steve_Pellinen: AEGRZ E10 GAZER +50 88
>Rob_Robinsky: EERTTVV L8 VERVET +37 164
#note Well, I can console myself that he couldn't hit the Z for a ton! Still, given what I drew, I was really really hoping he'd float the I (that I know he has) out in a nice accessible spot for me to bingo. Hooking the T to make VERVET makes more sense than trying to retain the hook, as there are still multiple T's unseen to me, TT isn't a great leave, and taking stabs at a blank or S for 15E is of value.
>Steve_Pellinen: DEHIMOR 4B HEIRDOM +89 177
#note This hurts, but N2 MIDSHORE is 94! Quackle thinks the more volatile board is about 4% better in winning percentage.
>Rob_Robinsky: EFPTUWY 3A YUFT +37 201
#note 10H FEY is 17 more points, which Quackle thinks is worth the horrid leave. My play clears up the rack most quickly, but there's something to be said for retaining the Y with a worse leave for use at J10 by playing WEFT.
>Steve_Pellinen: ACINR 12D C..RINA +38 215
>Rob_Robinsky: EPQTUWX 4L QUEP +62 263
>Steve_Pellinen: AEHPS 15A HEAPS +55 270
>Rob_Robinsky: ADOTTWX A1 OX. +39 302
#note Quackle favors trying to clean up the rack more quickly with 14A OWT. Makes sense - draw an extra tile, unduplicate the T's, and keep the X for future scoring.
>Steve_Pellinen: IY 11K I.Y +18 288
#note On one hand, I'm fortunate Steve can't use the J10 hotspot effectively...but on the other hand, I have to expect that he is very close to a bingo now.
>Rob_Robinsky: ADISTTW 6F WIT +19 321
#note This does appear to minimize Steve's bingo chances most effectively. Quackle seems to think that I might be able to outrun/outscore by playing 10I TIAR, but I'm dubious - it feels like I'm putting the outcome of the game entirely up to chance. At least with WIT I feel like I can try to constructively manage the rest of the game.
>Steve_Pellinen: BEI 8L .IBE +27 315
>Rob_Robinsky: ADIMSTU 14G DUMAIST +75 396
>Rob_Robinsky: ACEEKOT (challenge) +5 401
>Steve_Pellinen: ABG 15H GAB +35 350
>Rob_Robinsky: ACEEKOT B10 COATE. +28 429
#note This comes out the clear sim winner. It leaves me some scoring potential with the K, maintains a tempo and bingo advantage, and accelerates the end of the game if Steve still needs to groom his rack.
>Steve_Pellinen: ??AEEGN O8 .NgAGEEs +77 427
>Steve_Pellinen: ??AEEGN -- -77 350
#note Quackle doesn't see a win for Steve, but recommends that he empty the bag with 5E EE. This should give him bingos off both the E and the O, and give me the best chance to make a mistake. Unfortunately for Steve, ENGAGEE# is an adjective.
>Rob_Robinsky: ADEIKNS N12 DISK +40 469
>Rob_Robinsky: UNKNOWN (challenge) +5 474
#note Just don't do silly things here. Steve is going to bingo no matter what, so block the highest score he has and get ready for the next round.
>Steve_Pellinen: ??AEEGN D1 AN..GEnEs +60 410
>Steve_Pellinen: (AENOU) +10 420
Player 2
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