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Player 1
#player1 BJ BJ
#player2 Iliana_F Iliana F
>BJ: BIJMRRU 8G BUM +14 14
#note In a more serious game I'd definitely ditch the J but decided to keep it in hopes of a more interesting J word.
>Iliana_F: GO 7H GO +12 12
#note Saw JERID in my rack but forgot about JERRID (at J2). JIRRE ain't bad.
>Iliana_F: DEOTX J3 DETOX +26 38
>BJ: ?ADEEFP E8 P.EFAcED +76 116
#note PREFADED and PEDALFER were the other bingo options. 3C PREFADED was best.
>Iliana_F: AA D14 AA +9 47
>BJ: AENNTUU C9 .UNTA +24 140
#note Best. Better than JAUNT presumably because of the possibility of B10 ZO.
>Iliana_F: AEGILNS 10G LEASING +65 112
#note Many bingo options for Iliana here, but the best plays are two non-bingos through the AD: SALADING (a noun, "salad ingredients") and SELADANG ("a wild ox").
>BJ: CENNQTU 4H QU.EN +48 188
#note Best.
>Iliana_F: GI B10 GI +16 128
>BJ: CDEENTT A11 DENET +25 213
#note Gah, should've seen DECADENT (for 108) through the AD. Don't think I even tried, though. DENET simmed pretty well though.
>Iliana_F: ERTV 15D ..VERT +30 158
>BJ: CLRRSST K8 CR.S +12 225
#note CRIS sims below a lot of other choices, CIRLS being the best (didn't remember the word). Didn't know it at the time, but CRIS takes an E back hook, so I was opening up a nice lane.
>Iliana_F: IIIIIIU -IIIIIIU +0 158
>BJ: HILRSTW 8K .RWTH +42 267
#note My favorite find of the game. I really wanted to hit a CH- word starting on 8K and I thought of CHIRL and CHIRT but doubted myself on both (shouldn't have). CHITS was OK but I didn't want to ditch the S if I could help it, and I really wanted to keep my only vowel. After staring for a while, CRWTH finally hit me. M7 WRIGHTS is also pretty good (didn't see it). CRWTH sims best by a modest margin.
>Iliana_F: HI B14 HI +22 180
>BJ: ?CIILOS O8 .OLIStIC +89 356
#note HOLISTIC is best but there are some other interesting words: LOGICIST, SCIOLIST ("one whose knowledge is superficial"), SOLICITY, COLPITIS, COLICINS, CODICILS. Also note: W front hook on HOLISTIC.
>Iliana_F: ANW M10 .NAW +16 196
>BJ: AABDELO L12 DOAB +31 387
#note DOAB has the best valuation.
>Iliana_F: KORU 3J .ROUK +24 220
#note Good word.
>BJ: AEEILLO 5J .OEA +17 404
#note Best valuation is TOEA.
>Iliana_F: OSZ O1 ZOS +47 267
#note 5E VLEI has a slightly better valuation.
>Iliana_F: EMN 14J ME.N +21 288
#note I forgot about the word GNAWN until she played it.
>BJ: AELYY D3 LE.Y +20 451
#note Didn't think of LEAVY. LEVY is much less good than other options because it gives Iliana FLIP.
>Iliana_F: FIIP 3C F.IP +18 306
>BJ: AY K13 Y.A +19 470
#note YEA was best.
>BJ: (I) +2 472
Player 2
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