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Player 1
#player1 Jesse_Matthews Jesse Matthews
#player2 Jackson Jackson
>Jesse_Matthews: AEFUV 8D FAUVE +30 30
>Jackson: ADIJLNX H4 JINX.D +29 29
#note wow, totally blind to JINX 7c

DJIN 7b also seems better than jinxed, although it decreases the value of my X. DJIN 7H makes my S more powerful but helps Jesse out far more than it does me (raises his average score by 11 and mine by 5).
>Jesse_Matthews: GNTW E6 TW.NG +9 39
>Jackson: ALPPRSV 11B VARS +34 63
#note considerable are PALPS, LAVS, PAPS, APPS, VARS. I like PALPS best out of the double P plays, because PAPS gives up big parallels, APPS gives up some b10 plays, and PALPS, though also giving up slightly more than both of the other plays, keeps better tiles and scores 2 more.

LAVS vs. VARS is hard - PPR is about 2 better than PPL (thought it might be 1 or 1.5), and figured the b10 spot is good enough compared to the rest of the board that it's worth the sacrifice.

Q likes LAVS and APPS best - apps gives up a tiny bit more than paps, but in turn will give back more to me, which makes sense. LAVS over VARS cause the diff in leave is bigger than the 2.5 more he averages after lavs (we average almost 3 more).

depending on his range, APPS may be worse than quackle thinks. twang I think rarely if ever keeps a vowel - TEWING, TOWING, TAWING are all worth playing in that case. stuff like NRS (low point S bingo racks with all consonants) and CST (which is what he had) are in his range, and some non-S racks like NRT. with no S it can't really be too clunky because then he'd just exchange. so an S is very likely, and maybe one high point tile but probably not two. From this APPS might be slightly worse than average but not by much, since lots of the time he's keeping low pointers. I think LAVS is probably the play.
>Jesse_Matthews: FGOT C10 F.GOT +18 57
>Jackson: EILLNPP D11 .IPEN +28 91
#note pretty sure he has an S now so this is kinda forced. NIPPLE sims best but I'd rather play this. with no inference nipple wins by about 3 points.

with an S inference ripen sims a bit higher
>Jesse_Matthews: BORS I8 SORB +23 80
>Jackson: AHILLNP D1 PHALLI +30 121
#note turns out it was the correct decision to forgo nipple so I could get phalli
>Jesse_Matthews: CNQS 5G C.NQS +32 112
>Jackson: EEIKNOR K1 KERO.INE +62 183
>Jesse_Matthews: CEEI 1D .IECE +27 139
>Jackson: DGNOTTY L8 DOTTY +27 210
#note also thought about TANGY and GNATTY on the top left. I love dotty for its longterm defense - even though he probably has an S right now, I am not really changing his bingo % that much with dotty, but if he doesn't bingo next turn I will be able to play on the top right and really destroy the board. TTY isn't parallelable, and there aren't any other good lanes.
>Jesse_Matthews: ATU B13 TAU +17 156
#rack2 EGINORZ
Player 2
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