Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Shan_Abbasi Shan Abbasi
>Joshua_Sokol: CEJQTTV -JQTV +0 0
>Shan_Abbasi: EFZ H7 FEZ +30 30
>Joshua_Sokol: CCEEILT I6 CEL +14 14
>Shan_Abbasi: IIIII -IIIII +0 30
>Joshua_Sokol: ?CEIRTT 9F TI. +13 27
>Shan_Abbasi: ?EIMRSX F6 MIX.uRES +72 102
>Joshua_Sokol: ?CEEGRT E2 CoRTEGE +84 111
>Shan_Abbasi: AFIQ 4A FAQI. +42 144
>Joshua_Sokol: AAADLOS A1 LOA. +21 132
>Shan_Abbasi: AAJV 13B JAVA. +30 174
>Joshua_Sokol: AADHILS 12E H.ADSAIL +83 215
>Shan_Abbasi: GIINSW - +0 174
#note challenged new TWL word, silly update, sorry Shan
>Joshua_Sokol: ORRTUVY 8A VORT.. +51 266
>Shan_Abbasi: GIINSW M10 WISING +33 207
>Joshua_Sokol: DHRTUWY B2 WR.TH +50 316
>Shan_Abbasi: BEENU B10 BUN.EE +42 249
#note This was the best time to get away with an outrageous phony. I knew WEEJUNS was added, so maybe BUNJEES# was good too. I didn't like it but I had to let it go due to my uncertainty. Hilarity ensued.
>Joshua_Sokol: BDDRUUY 15A D.RBY +42 358
#note My game starts to fall apart here, I missed R(E)DBUD in the same spot.
>Shan_Abbasi: I 5B .I +13 262
>Joshua_Sokol: DENPTUU N6 PUNTED +27 385
#note I almost played PUN(N)ED and then talked myself out of its validity!!! How ironic. I think (D)UPE is fine here, I should block the 3x3. This was not a good play.
>Shan_Abbasi: AEEGINT 14G ANTIGE.E +72 334
#note I made no effort to block this.
>Joshua_Sokol: DEKOPSU 8L PU.K +39 424
#note rewarded with the case S. O1 PSEUDO is the best play here most likely, but this was good for spread if he drew all the O's. Definitely shouldn't keep my O here with 5 remaining unseen.
>Shan_Abbasi: AEILNOR 2D A.ROLEIN +64 398
#note apparently it's best to play 15G ROAN here.
>Joshua_Sokol: ADEOOSU 1F ODEA +28 452
#note Luckily I leave 3 O's in the bag for Shan. Jeez.
>Shan_Abbasi: MNOOOY 15G MOON +32 430
>Joshua_Sokol: OSU L2 SOU +17 469
>Joshua_Sokol: (OY) +10 479
Player 2
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