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Player 1
#player1 Jim_Nanavati Jim Nanavati
#player2 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
>Jim_Nanavati: ADEPY 8D PAYED +28 28
#note Awful start to this game. I thought for sure that I had tried this once and it was invalid, but it's actually just every otherr -PAYED word that is invalid. REPAYED* UNPAYED* PREPAYED*. Stupid dictionary and its inconsistencies.
>Joshua_Sokol: GIJUVWY - +0 0
>Jim_Nanavati: ??DEIPS E4 SPIc.tED +86 114
>Joshua_Sokol: GIJUVWY 10B JIV.Y +42 42
>Jim_Nanavati: CNOT 6B ONT.C +15 129
#note Either this turn or soon after, Jim put down a 4 or a 5 at 9E, thinking the second blank was a C. He almost hit the clock, but smartly realized his mistake before doing so.
>Joshua_Sokol: ADGTUUW 7G WAG +25 67
#note I could get rid of my two U's with 4A AUGU(S)T. I guess that's OK, though this is probably better for the board.
>Jim_Nanavati: OO D4 OO. +14 143
>Joshua_Sokol: CDHITUU 3B DUH +21 88
#note missed HUIC on my rack. Given OOT that's most likely the play at 3A
>Jim_Nanavati: AENNRST J3 TANNERS +67 210
>Joshua_Sokol: CIITTUX 2A TIX +35 123
>Jim_Nanavati: ABOT B10 .ABOT +28 238
>Joshua_Sokol: CGHITUW 4I W.UGH +24 147
#note does he have an S with JABOT? Maybe I need to block the hook or the scoring spot there.
>Jim_Nanavati: AINNOSU L2 AN.INOUS +60 298
>Joshua_Sokol: ABCEIQT C9 Q. +21 168
#note still shooting for my T hook on WAUGHT
>Jim_Nanavati: AEEL A12 ALEE +24 322
>Joshua_Sokol: ABCEEIT 9E .AB +27 195
>Jim_Nanavati: ERTV N1 VERT +27 349
#note damn, game over
>Joshua_Sokol: CEEINST M6 ENTICES +71 266
>Jim_Nanavati: FLOOR 12H FLOOR. +26 375
>Joshua_Sokol: AILMORZ H12 .RIZ +48 314
>Jim_Nanavati: FI 1A IF +28 403
>Joshua_Sokol: AEELMOU N8 EM +12 326
#note This was a weird attempt. I was going for AUREOLE or AUREOLA at O9. I had to open something up or he would just block everything, but it didn't seem like enough.
>Jim_Nanavati: DER 11K DE.R +18 421
>Joshua_Sokol: AEKLMOU D10 .OLUME +27 353
#note Nowhere for LEUKOMA.

Turns out he had GLAI(R)IER 13D! Totally missed that, luckily my best play blocked it.
>Jim_Nanavati: AEGIILR 13G G.AIL +18 439
#note -1 to 15C R(E)GLA(Z)E
>Joshua_Sokol: AK 3L .A.K +26 379
>Joshua_Sokol: (EIR) +6 385
Player 2
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