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Player 1
#player1 Arie_Sinke Arie Sinke
#player2 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
>Arie_Sinke: ADIILNV 8B INVALID +80 80
>Joshua_Sokol: EKNORSU 7G KORUN +29 29
>Arie_Sinke: ?GLNRSY E7 L.RYNGeS +72 152
>Joshua_Sokol: DEHINST F14 HI +26 55
>Arie_Sinke: CIU 14B CUI.. +20 172
>Joshua_Sokol: DEJNOST B6 JO.NED +32 87
#note I had used up a lot of time on my first two moves looking for bingos or better plays. Then here I got a bit too focused on playing on column B now that he had blocked the 15A triple: I no longer had to worry about snapback plays to the triple. But I needed to spend more time and expand my horizons. J6 J(U)DO is clear. I played JOINED because I noticed how many E's were out, but two E's or 3 E's even is fine, I can still bingo. Once I saw the E situation I quickly played JOINED because it was the only J play that used an E besides JOINTED, and I felt like ST was better than S despite there being 5 T's left. -7
>Arie_Sinke: EFIR 9E .IFER +33 205
#note Again, JUDO.
>Joshua_Sokol: BGGLQST -BGGQT +0 87
#note now it's probably better to keep the L, as LS is generally equivalent to ST, but there are too many T's unseen. But the N's on the board pair better with ST than they do LS, so it's really close.
>Arie_Sinke: ABETU L4 TUBAE +26 231
>Joshua_Sokol: EILMSVZ 6L .IZ +34 121
#note I was gonna play K3 VIM, but the board was just so bad after that. The whole top was done. Now the fact that so many E's are out just conpletely baffled me. I think I have to play this anyway, and just hope he too has been avoiding having too many E's.
>Arie_Sinke: OORT N2 TROO. +28 259
#note wow!!
>Joshua_Sokol: AELMSUV O6 EMU +30 151
#note Probably SELVA keeping UM, because it scores.
>Arie_Sinke: FHO C5 FOH. +32 291
>Joshua_Sokol: ABDLSVY 15F .VY +27 178
>Arie_Sinke: AEN D4 NAE +21 312
>Joshua_Sokol: ABDDGLS E2 GLAD +28 206
>Arie_Sinke: AEGLMRT 14H AnTIART +71 383
>Arie_Sinke: AEGLMRT -- -71 312
>Joshua_Sokol: BDIILPS 14H BLIP +17 223
#note Took a lot to challenge that last play, but I just didn't recognize it. Trying to block the most stuff, but I can't stop him.
>Arie_Sinke: ?AAIRTT M8 RATTAIl +66 378
>Joshua_Sokol: DEIMPSW F4 MEW +29 252
>Arie_Sinke: AQ J6 Q.A +32 410
#note crazy that neither of us have drawn all the E's, but luckier than he hasn't drawn the X.
>Joshua_Sokol: AADEIPS 15K APSID +44 296
#note *
>Arie_Sinke: EEENW O1 EEEW +46 456
#note First laid down WEEN, and I realized right before him that he probably had EEEW. Then he saw it.
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEEOTX K4 EX +38 334
#note dunno, hope I draw something in two spots. AX is better.
>Arie_Sinke: EGNOSST 10D T.ES +25 481
#note 12K ST(A)NG is one point better.
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEOORT G1 COOER +23 357
#note But he blocked COROTA(T)E, all he needed to do really.
>Arie_Sinke: GNOS A10 NOGS +12 493
#note 12C NO(G)GS is 2 more.
>Arie_Sinke: (AT) +4 497
Player 2
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