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Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Kaia Kaia
>Joshua_Sokol: EGMNOTY H7 GYM +18 18
#note saw MOTEY but much preferred this for the defense. I would play MOTEY against certain people though.
>Kaia: AAB G7 ABA +23 23
#note failure on my part to not see this coming. MOTEY I guess, gives her ABA for only 22!
>Joshua_Sokol: DEENOTU I7 OE +16 34
>Kaia: AFR F8 ARF +28 51
#note jeez, this is not working
>Joshua_Sokol: DENOTUW E9 DOW +26 60
#note I considered TOW for the better leave, but didn't think it was better than DOW. Quackle thinks TOW is slightly better, allowing me to score 4 more points on average next turn and hit a bingo 1% more often.
>Kaia: EHILW 6I WHILE +25 76
>Joshua_Sokol: EEGNNTU 12C GENU +18 78
#note I wondered if she would see GENUA. I figured I wouldn't take the risk now, but GENU E11 is so much better than this GENU if she doesn't see GENUA. I should have gone with it. She can already score a lot with WHILED, but I didn't know if she knew that hook either. So I figured I would assume she didn't know WHILED and did know GENUA.
>Kaia: HU 5J UH +25 101
>Joshua_Sokol: ?ENTTUX 7M XU +34 112
>Kaia: IJN 13B JIN +28 129
>Joshua_Sokol: ?ENRTTU B13 .UT +20 132
#note was going for spread here, otherwise I'd probably play (U)NTRUEsT N7.
>Kaia: ACCEOST N6 D.R +25 154
>Kaia: ACCEOST -- -25 129
#note totally wrong about her not knowing WHILED. She doubted it after this, though. I challenged both words.
>Joshua_Sokol: ?ENNRTT 14A N.T +7 139
#note no idea what this was about, trying to set up a cool triple-triple I guess since I had no bingo
>Kaia: DLO 5M DOL +15 144
>Joshua_Sokol: ?AABENR O1 ARAB.E +33 172
>Kaia: OZ 3M ZO. +24 168
>Joshua_Sokol: ?DGNOOR 4H GOD +14 186
#note missing hORNDOG 13F. I don't think I knew the word back then, but Cesar has since played it I think.
>Kaia: FOR H1 FRO. +24 192
>Joshua_Sokol: ?EINORS 5B NORItES +71 257
#note missing TERNIONS, TENORIST 15B. I was getting very distracted here.
>Kaia: IQ 4E QI +23 215
#note I notice Yvonne playing her game, she plays AMID for 18 keeping AOU.
>Joshua_Sokol: EIIKNST 2A STINKIE. +78 335
>Kaia: A 15A A. +12 227
>Joshua_Sokol: ?CCLPSV C1 P.C +14 349
>Kaia: ADEERST 10H SEDATER +74 301
#note I can never remember if this takes an S. I was pretty confident it didn't.
>Joshua_Sokol: ?CELOSV M9 V.LOCE +30 379
#note but I missed CO(A)EVaLS K8. I missed COAEVALS, Kate! I also thought this took an S... lol
>Kaia: APRV 14J PAV.R +32 333
>Joshua_Sokol: ?AEISTY 3H .Y +18 397
#note took a while here to ensure she had no possible bingo. There are 3 8-letter words and 0 7-letter words in the remaining tile pool.
>Kaia: EEIILMN 15H NEEM +26 359
#note -8 to MEINIE in the same spot
>Joshua_Sokol: ?AEISTT B4 A.ISETTe +61 458
>Joshua_Sokol: (LII) +6 464
Player 2
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