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Player 1
#player1 Joe_Edley Joe Edley
#player2 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
>Joe_Edley: ACEMR 8H CREAM +24 24
>Joshua_Sokol: DEHIJNN K7 J.NNIED +30 30
#note was content with H(A)DJI, but I much prefer the H leave of JANNIED as well as the extra chances at extending CREAM or hooking it with an S, both of which might be of high importance this game. The ENN might be better for an immediate bingo and the board position better immediately, but I was thinking forward. NINJ(A) is another option at K4 for a balanced leave, but it just doesn't score, despite HED being pretty good for that C in CREAM.
>Joe_Edley: ADIU 12H ADI.U +14 38
#note as it stood, I might have bailed him out of his rack.
>Joshua_Sokol: AAHIPWY H12 .WAY +30 60
#note his range is probably leaning toward weak bingo tlies, so I felt better with the prospects of blocking the easy bingo lane(s) ADIEU set up than with hooking CREAM here. Otherwise I wouldn't be comfortable with this play. Playing CREAMY and YAWP or AWAY blocks both CREAM extensions and S-hooks on either side. At this point I'm OK with how the board is, despite not having a hook.
>Joe_Edley: QU 14F QU. +32 70
>Joshua_Sokol: ADHILMP E11 PHIAL +33 93
>Joe_Edley: NOO D10 NOO +20 90
>Joshua_Sokol: DDEEIMU C12 DUE +15 108
#note F9 IDEM was points, but the U was just so bad, and we are fighting to see who hits a bingo first. Joe's rack is likely more balanced than mine at this point, but I still want to keep as best as I can for a bingo next turn. I almost played DUDE in the same spot, but my leave was better with DUE.
>Joe_Edley: NOTW F8 NOWT +20 110
#note he opens a spot for ED, justifying my points sacrifice for DUE last turn.
>Joshua_Sokol: BDEIILM 8A MILDE. +33 141
#note I totally miss 15D B(L)IM(Y) here, by far my best play, and things start getting pretty bad for me. I miss IBIDEM as well at E4 which I think I play over MILDE(N).
>Joe_Edley: ELOPRSS M9 PLESSOR +81 191
#note missing B(L)IM(Y) hurts
>Joshua_Sokol: BCFGIIY 15J FIB.IC +48 189
>Joshua_Sokol: BCFGIIY -- -48 141
#note just FIBROUS I guess, but I thought that this must be a word. I'm in really bad shape now after missing BLIMY and this was so much better than F(R)IG. I was steaming after this came off.
>Joe_Edley: AEFOTVX 15A EXTO. +44 235
>Joshua_Sokol: BCFGIIY 15L F.IG +36 177
>Joe_Edley: AEFIOTV 14A FE. +35 270
>Joshua_Sokol: BCGHITY E5 GYB. +20 197
#note I don't think I can win this game realistically...
>Joe_Edley: AEGRT C3 TERGA. +16 286
#note This looked funny and I held for a good minute or two before saying "I accept because you wouldn't be so stupid."

Joe pipes back with "For what it's worth I think it's good, but I have been known to mess up."

Sparks are flying
>Joshua_Sokol: ACHIRST A1 CHARTIS. +98 295
#note And there I was sitting on this rack. I completely tanked here for around 5 minutes, staring at CHARTIS_ on my rack before finally going for this. I still hated my chances even if he miraculously let this go/it was valid.

He says "I'm gonna let it go but I'm not sure."

I'm boiling with anger.
>Joe_Edley: AELORTV O8 TRAVELO. +89 375
>Joshua_Sokol: BEIKOUV F2 KUBIE +33 328
#note looking at the pool I just have to laugh. How in the hell could I pull off this win with that beautiful stuff out there? OV as a leave didn't even look that bad considering what I was drawing into.
>Joe_Edley: AETZ D2 ZETA +37 412
#note With 15 minutes left to my 4, Joe almost instantly plays this. For a few seconds I am in a state of paralysis. Did he just blow the game?
>Joshua_Sokol: ??INOSV N2 SyNOVIa +83 411
#note I gather up the mental energy to confirm the score, Joe thinking he had 422 after his play rather than 412, and I do the math. I need 72 to tie. I need to either triple the V on column N or play from the B on row 4. It's a miracle that I saw this under such immense pressure, because with a tiny change in the air or any such distraction, I might have played (B)OVINISM* and blown the game yet again.
>Joshua_Sokol: (AEINOR) +12 423
#note completely shocked, I resign to my hotel room, thinking I've cashed. Nope. Ben won his last game and knocked me out of the money. It was all for naught...
Player 2
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