Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Ricky_Sirois Ricky Sirois
>Joshua_Sokol: AAEIRUV H8 UVEA +14 14
#note VAU is better defensively, that's better here. I preferred this over VARIA though.
>Ricky_Sirois: EIVW 11G W.IVE +22 22
>Joshua_Sokol: AEEIMRR L9 MIRE +24 38
#note RAMIE for spread, but this looks good to prevent bad case scenarios
>Ricky_Sirois: FOOP M7 POOF +23 45
>Joshua_Sokol: AAEGLRR N2 REALGAR +80 118
>Ricky_Sirois: BEILOR O4 BOILER +59 104
>Joshua_Sokol: BEKSTTU 12D BUTES +30 148
>Ricky_Sirois: AQ E11 Q.A +24 128
>Joshua_Sokol: IJKTTUY 14A JUTTY +46 194
>Ricky_Sirois: AINN A11 NIN.A +39 167
>Joshua_Sokol: DIKNOTZ M1 ZONK +49 243
>Ricky_Sirois: ACEIOST 15E STOIC +38 205
>Joshua_Sokol: CDEINRT 13I CREDIT +32 275
#note awful to miss REINDUCT here. I thought there was something, gave up quickly after seeing UNDIRECT*...
>Ricky_Sirois: AY O1 YA +18 223
>Joshua_Sokol: ?DGNTUW B10 WUD +20 295
>Ricky_Sirois: AH 10F HA. +20 243
>Joshua_Sokol: ?DEEGNT C9 GEN +14 309
#note NEG to open I guess, I was in defense mode though since Ricky had just played two tiles twice
>Ricky_Sirois: GIN D8 GIN +15 258
>Joshua_Sokol: ?DEIOST J6 DIScO.E.T +70 379
>Ricky_Sirois: E G10 ...E +8 266
>Joshua_Sokol: LLOPRSX I5 POX +40 419
#note LOX seemed better usually, but I was worried he could get a bingo ending in L. No need to worry about that, HEADLAM(P) is still a remote possibility with the pool.
>Ricky_Sirois: A D7 A... +5 271
>Joshua_Sokol: EHILLRS - +0 419
>Ricky_Sirois: ?ADEFNO N10 FON.s +47 318
>Joshua_Sokol: EHILLRS E1 SHILLER +72 491
#note I thought SHILLER was definitely valid and HILLERS was likely valid, so I went with the one I was surest of! I got it wrong, but luckily this didn't ring any warning bells chez Ricky, and he let my phony go in the endgame! My pass last turn was sharp, but I needed to know the right bingo in this! HILLER CHILLER SCHILLER
>Joshua_Sokol: (ADEM) +14 505
Player 2
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