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Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Jason_Li Jason Li
>Joshua_Sokol: EEEIITX H7 XI +18 18
#note Why do I always have to play Jason Li at least once in every tournament we're in? Mostly we play twice. I'll admit this time that playing short with the X here was just awful. Really awful. But he had a blank and EXIT would have given him a bingo (I think)
>Jason_Li: NOTU I7 UNTO +18 18
>Joshua_Sokol: AEEEIJT 6I JEE +24 42
#note 10F JIA(O) is interesting! I should have done that for sure. Missed it.
>Jason_Li: ADIOU L4 AUDIO +26 44
>Joshua_Sokol: AEEFIST J9 EF +28 70
#note my drawing skills are unparred
>Jason_Li: ?EGILNW M7 sWINGLE +78 122
>Joshua_Sokol: AEIOSTV K8 VETO +32 102
>Jason_Li: AELNORU 13F ALEURON. +60 182
>Joshua_Sokol: ACIQSTZ H12 Z.TA +69 171
>Jason_Li: BFORY 14B FORBY +55 237
>Joshua_Sokol: ACDHIQS 12C QAID +35 206
#note I gotta play this at M1, I'm just destroying this board. Even 12B QAIDS is better than this. Nobody is going to hit a bingo ending in A, this board is Jason's for the taking.
>Jason_Li: AEKN 15A KANE +37 274
#note finalizing the masterpiece I outlined for him
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEEHHS M3 HAH +25 231
#note I guess I had one shot at getting something through the A in ZETA. Perhaps it's time to play 5K H(U)E and hope for a PR draw. I'm setting up my S here and it's hard for Jason to block without one of his own, and even then.
>Jason_Li: ER 8K ...ER +33 307
#note good, he's sort of given up on the board
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEEIOS G8 ACE +11 242
#note still need to keep the board open, can't afford to block anything. I may need more than one bingo to win.
>Jason_Li: DIP 14M DIP +24 331
>Joshua_Sokol: EILOSSW O12 WO.S +39 281
>Jason_Li: GIV F6 VIG +20 351
#note ugh
>Joshua_Sokol: EILNOSY J5 Y. +5 286
#note any other ideas? He can now block everything in one turn unless I do this.
>Jason_Li: ADL N2 DAL +16 367
#note like that
>Joshua_Sokol: EILNOOS O1 LOOSEN +35 321
#note now that my S has no value, I need to score and come back within range
>Jason_Li: CEINRST D5 CISTERN. +61 428
#note .....
>Joshua_Sokol: ABEGIIT 7B GI. +5 326
#note hoping he fails to see E(GIS) again more likely he'll see O(BIS) and I(BIS)
>Jason_Li: ?MMPRRT 4F TRaMP +16 444
#note he misses E(GIS), but I also miss. He went to circle the blank, and just as I hoped he would, he put his pen over the U, hesitated, said "nah", and circled something else (I think it was an A)
>Joshua_Sokol: ABEISTU B1 SUBITA.E +76 402
>Joshua_Sokol: ABEISTU -- -76 326
#note not sure why I took 5 minutes here wondering if this was a word. Why did I think it was a word? Well, at least I saved him the surprise of E(GIS) until after the game was over. I calculated I would lose 45 spread points if this came off, which was fine. Spread didn't matter for me, only Jason and I had good spread and he was now two games ahead, so I needed to hope he lost anyway, and I won both, in which case my spread would be higher than his anyway.
>Jason_Li: MR 9C R.M +6 450
>Jason_Li: (ABEISTU) +18 468
Player 2
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