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Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Jackson_Smylie Jackson Smylie
>Joshua_Sokol: ?BEGNOS H4 BiOGENS +74 74
#note I honestly could not see a damn thing here for around 3 minutes, until I spotted BINGOES and couldn't remember if it was valid. I finally came to my senses and saw BIOGENS. BoNGOES is probably best here. I wasn't sure of BONGOES or BUNGOES*.
>Jackson_Smylie: KNOU 4H .UNKO +22 22
>Joshua_Sokol: AAEFIOT 5J OAF +31 105
#note here begins a massacre
>Jackson_Smylie: DMO 6G D.OM +24 46
>Joshua_Sokol: AEHIIRT 10B HAIRIE.T +71 176
>Jackson_Smylie: IIPTW C9 W.PITI +30 76
>Joshua_Sokol: ?ACEETZ E9 C.AZE +32 208
#note couldn't see anything that did anything about WAPITIS in a meaningful way, but I suppose I can play ET(I)C or T(I)C to block and set up my Z
>Jackson_Smylie: BDR 14B B.RD +32 108
>Joshua_Sokol: ?EEEIQT 15A QI +37 245
>Jackson_Smylie: IIII -IIII +0 108
#note the game is already over
>Joshua_Sokol: ?EEEOST 7G O.EE +20 265
>Jackson_Smylie: RT 12B R.T. +26 134
>Joshua_Sokol: ?AEMSTY K7 STrEAMY +78 343
>Jackson_Smylie: AU 12J A.U +10 144
>Joshua_Sokol: AADDLNR 11I AL.ND +12 355
#note I was pretty confident ALAND didn't take an S, but I was totally wrong I could have lost a lot of spread with this play, even though it's still probably fine.
>Jackson_Smylie: GNSU M1 GUNS +22 166
>Joshua_Sokol: ADOPRRT 2J PRO.D +28 383
>Jackson_Smylie: AHIL 8K .HALI +36 202
>Joshua_Sokol: AEIIRRT O5 RET.ARII +59 442
#note I saw only RETIARII as an 8 while waiting for Jackson to make his move. I was trying to figure out if he would give me an I or not, and also saw that he could play something like OL(E) 8F to give me a spot for it as well. I wondered how likely it was that he would put an I at O8. Pretty unlikely, right? I had to blurt out a "come on, are you serious?" when this happened, but really he could have put a C, F, G, or T there as well, so it was actually a remote possibility rather than an insane miracle that he gave me a bingo here. Still. Come on.
>Jackson_Smylie: ILY N6 YI.L +32 234
>Joshua_Sokol: EEFLOTW A11 EF +30 472
#note I regretted not playin 13J W(Y)TE here. There's no need to take the FRITZ spot this turn, I can use my other letters to score. I was afraid of an unblockable setup like (LAW)N on row 14 for Jackson, but honestly at this point the pool is pretty trashy. No need to be paranoid. Switched to EF at the last moment here because I preferred its asymmetry to FE's.
>Jackson_Smylie: ANVV 13G NAVV. +25 259
#note why WYTE was the play
>Joshua_Sokol: EELOOTW H12 W.LE +33 505
>Jackson_Smylie: EEGJSUX 1H JEU +34 293
#note Jackson first played JEUX and then switched it to JEU. I thought he had missed JEU and he told me he was just trying to calculate. We determined JEU was better after finding TOCO N12 for me, but we both missed (E)COTONE as an outplay. I think I would have seen it if Jackson hadn't first laid down JEUX! Also, I doubly screwed this up by not playing B9 O(H) next turn.
>Joshua_Sokol: CENOOT 2F COO +20 525
#note -9 to O(W) and -15 to ECOTONE although Quackle doesn't see this play for some reason. Yay, I won something in this endgame
>Jackson_Smylie: EGSX G2 .X +17 310
#note -7, he missed that he was giving me more.
>Joshua_Sokol: ENT F2 .ENT +15 540
>Joshua_Sokol: (EGS) +8 548
Player 2
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