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Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Joel_Horn Joel Horn
>Joshua_Sokol: DEEIMRZ H7 ZED +26 26
#note I preferred this to MEZE I think, but I guess MEZE has an angering aspect to it, as it scores 30 points and uses 3 prime tiles. It also doesn't take an A. ZED would be much better if this was circa 2013. kwak! prefers MEZE by around 1.5
>Joel_Horn: CHTV 8G V.TCH +13 13
>Joshua_Sokol: AEEIMPR I3 PRIMA.E +32 58
#note interesting position! I don't need to open the top at all if I don't want to. A(T)E has better equity, but it gets rid of my only hook for ZED and leaves me enslaved to what Joel draws for a couple of turns if he doesn't hook ZED immediately. Still, it complicates the game enough that I think I should have played it.
>Joel_Horn: IQ J2 QI +35 48
#note this was a bad result that A(T)E could have prevented.
>Joshua_Sokol: EIIIRUX 3I ..XIE +28 86
#note I had to make a lot of inferences to decide whether (Q)UIRE was better than (PI)XIE or not. I came to a really, really wrong conclusion. Joel is probably holding a rack that is worse than average, and even if that means that sometimes I will be giving him a bailout with this, I should still take the play with the far superior leave. IIX can fix itself far easier than IIRU can, although I(X)IA is a possibility from K2 if I draw an A. I did not like this position one bit
>Joel_Horn: BGLLNO 5E BOLL.NG +40 88
#note I was unfamiliar with this. Luckily it was a word and I didn't need to waste my time. You can see now why PIXIE was an awful decision. QUIRE leaves me with a killer response to BOLLING, no matter what tiles I draw out of the bag.
>Joshua_Sokol: AEIIRUU 6B URAEI +17 103
#note I missed 6H A(M)U. Luckily it's a close game, so blocking the easiest spot to score and playing more tiles is slightly better than taking the extra points. I can actually move this over one square to the right for the same score, which provides worse scoring defense and better bingo defense
>Joel_Horn: FFO 2L OFF +25 113
#note This play pissed me off!
>Joshua_Sokol: ?GGHIUW 4M HUG +18 121
#note Now I have to wonder. Did he see OFF-A? If he does, does he have an A? If he doesn't, does he see it now? Will he see it in two turns from now? I shouldn't have even thought about it. I should have played my blank for 30 points with O1 WaUGH, but I decided he didn't see OFF, being used to playing without OFFA+ for decades. I think I was right, and this was a better play as a result. It was quite interesting between WIG and HUG, and as anticipated, the engine can't decide which is better either. Hopefully he doesn't have D(OI)T or T(OI)T, either way.
>Joel_Horn: ANTU O4 .AUNT +18 131
#note Perhaps Joel missed A(M)U 6H as well. And perhaps he had a much better play making (OFF)A. It bothers me that I will probably never know.
>Joshua_Sokol: ?EGINSW 10I SWINGEr +82 203
#note All I knew is that I was very happy to be in this position now. I missed WhINGES for 86 at 10B though, and was deciding between SWINGEd, SWINGEr or WIGEoNS, which all scored 82. WINGErS sets up S(WINGERS), I don't want that at all. I decided this part of the board was smarter to seal up, but yeah, WhINGES. That's a 4-point loss.
>Joel_Horn: ?ADLRTY B4 AD.LTeRY +63 194
#note And this time, my error cost me more than 4 points. Well, perhaps he would have seen TOWARDLY or TAWDRILY through the W... C3 uLT(R)ADRY is 76 points, but this works out far better for Joel.
>Joshua_Sokol: AEELNOO A1 ANOLE +24 227
#note what a bad time to draw only 1-point tiles!
>Joel_Horn: EOPR 4D ROPE +24 218
#note ok, he has decent tiles now
>Joshua_Sokol: DEIORRV D6 .VODIRE +24 251
#note This was sadly just as defining as a moment as my one-point loss to Jason in an endgame blunder. I did not think to look through the G for a bingo, but still, I should have seen OVERGIRD as quickly as I saw the possibility of OVERRIDE. I'm still in good shape here, but what happens next wasn't a remote enough possibility to give me a sense of safety.
>Joel_Horn: CEIOSST 13B COSIEST +82 300
>Joshua_Sokol: BMNORST A9 TOMB +21 272
#note I have the last S. I can set it up. But it's so easily blocked and even if it isn't blocked I can get outscored. N(E)B or R(E)B F12 didn't make sense yet, or M(O)B C12. It can wait another turn. Let's see what happens.
>Joel_Horn: AENY 12F YEAN +18 318
>Joshua_Sokol: DEINRSU B13 .UD +12 284
#note I sort of figure he has the T more than usual here. Anyways none of this matters, I played CUD too quickly and I should have thought about just a U fish. I wanted to distract him from the G in SWINGER but I don't really need to, as I can draw ARANEIDS, ARSENIDE and ANEROIDS up top and have a backup through the G. This was a really bad play to top things off. I can also play (AT)E right now and force him to block, but I have no backup plan if he blocks well enough to win. J5 (N)U. 100% of the time. Maybe I still lose, but it gives me a much better shot than drawing two into a pool of JKW when he clearly didn't have even two of those on his rack last turn.
>Joel_Horn: AEKO 7K OAKE. +19 337
#note I was so pissed off here, because Joel muttered to himself that "it didn't matter" that his tracking was off, with 14 minutes left on his clock. Yes it does matter!!!
>Joshua_Sokol: AEINRSW 14H ER +5 289
#note just hoping he screws up and plays one tile off for no reason, but this is hopeless, he can still win if he doesn't play his J next turn. He also thought I had 10 more points than I actually had, which pissed me off even more.
>Joel_Horn: AIJT O10 .AJ +17 354
>Joshua_Sokol: AINSW 15D WAINS +48 337
>Joshua_Sokol: (IT) +4 341
Player 2
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