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Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 John_Stardom John Stardom
>Joshua_Sokol: AEEHJNX H6 HAJ +26 26
#note My first game against John Stardom in Shediac started with the rack HAJQLNX. I played HAJ with the J on the star. I figured this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the same opening play against the same player within 3 games. It's probably better to take the points with HEXANE here, but this is actually really close if he doesn't sniff out a setup, which he must after I literally did the same thing two games ago.
>John_Stardom: ERZ G5 REZ +48 48
#note damn, didn't get him this time
>Joshua_Sokol: DEENNTX 7G ..X +27 53
#note alright let's see what you do, Johnny
>John_Stardom: AINO 9E NAOI +19 67
>Joshua_Sokol: DEENNTW 10D NEW +29 82
#note I wasn't sure of WENNED* but this seemed comparable enough, so I didn't take the risk.
>John_Stardom: MO F5 OM +26 93
>Joshua_Sokol: ?DEEKNT 8H .uNKETED +118 200
#note Saw TOKENED but didn't originally see where I could play it. Luckily John took some time on his play and I saw the obscure K-hook on NEW in time. And then I just happened to stumble upon this. I have no idea how I even looked at the J here. This was probably my best find of the tournament. Ridiculous.
>John_Stardom: ?DFILOS 10H SIxFOLD +79 172
#note this was also a marvelous find, and the only available bingo for John
>Joshua_Sokol: ENOPTTU 8A PUNTO +27 227
#note UNPOTTED looked absolutely awful, but it's actually a word. Should have gone with my gut, but REPOTTED being a word really made me doubt my gut feeling. PUTTO is also better than this, missed it.
>John_Stardom: CIILV E1 CIVIL +26 198
>Joshua_Sokol: CERTUWY 1E .UTEY +30 257
#note missed a sick CREWCUT here. I guess I'm just not up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. I definitely tunnelled on the C, and didn't consider any plays that weren't on row 2.
>John_Stardom: AIQR K10 .AQIR +34 232
>Joshua_Sokol: ABCEORW O1 BECOWAR. +101 358
#note to CRW I draw my second 100-point bingo of the match. I would have much rather gotten this sort of luck against Joel Horn. John challenged, as he should have unless he is 100% sure BECOWARD is a word.
>John_Stardom: ADLLP - +0 232
>Joshua_Sokol: DEEGITT 14J G.EET +20 378
#note figured I should just take the surest win here and block as much as possible. Quackle likes this FWIW, but I think I should have played GI(R)TED instead. I almost left the spot alone because of John's quick challenge, which makes him having an S less likely than average, but at this point I have to expect that I will never draw an S and that he will.
>John_Stardom: ADLLP 4A PALL.D +30 262
>Joshua_Sokol: DGGIITY C3 G.IDI.G +26 404
#note blocked DIGNI(T)Y, but I still retained it with this play
>John_Stardom: ABENORS 2H SEABORN. +81 343
#note My dignity was lost when I held SEABORNE. I was just remembering that SEABOUND* was invalid and shouldn't be
>Joshua_Sokol: ENOSSTY N4 SOY +34 438
#note Last time I had to choose between OY keeping ESST or SOY keeping EST, I was suppoosed to take the points. In a game at club vs. Jason I had SOYITES on my rack. This positions seemed similar enough, but Quackle much prefers OY. I get it.
>John_Stardom: EHV L1 H.VE +28 371
>Joshua_Sokol: EFMNOST 15M FEM +31 469
#note L13 F(E)M. that makes sense given the U's unseen. this blocks the Q hotspot. Bad pre-endgame here
>John_Stardom: AEIIRTU 12K .UIRE +30 401
>Joshua_Sokol: ANORSTU 15G AUTOS +36 505
#note -4 to K5 TUR(K)
>John_Stardom: AAIT 2D A.T +9 410
#note -6 to ATA(P). Hooray, my endgame was 2 points better than optimal!
>Joshua_Sokol: NR L7 R.N. +4 509
#note John wasn't sure R(E)N(O) was valid, hence why he allotted to play AIT to block an outplay.
>Joshua_Sokol: (AI) +4 513
Player 2
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