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Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Karl_Higby Karl Higby
>Joshua_Sokol: CEIQRST H7 QI +22 22
>Karl_Higby: VY 8H .VY +9 9
>Joshua_Sokol: CEGJRST 8G J... +17 39
>Karl_Higby: OW 9F WO +16 25
>Joshua_Sokol: CEGRSST 10E TEG +24 63
>Karl_Higby: MNOR 7J MORN +14 39
>Joshua_Sokol: BCLRSST K5 BR. +10 73
>Karl_Higby: IIII -IIII +0 39
>Joshua_Sokol: CILPSST 11C CLITS +36 109
>Karl_Higby: ADI 8M AID +14 53
>Joshua_Sokol: AGGOOPS O8 .OGGO +9 118
>Karl_Higby: AZ L4 ZA +26 79
>Joshua_Sokol: AAENPST M3 NAP +28 146
>Karl_Higby: DEW 9K DEW +21 100
>Joshua_Sokol: AEIOSTU K9 .UO +8 154
>Karl_Higby: AEILNRS C8 LAN.IERS +72 172
>Joshua_Sokol: AEEISTV 15A VI.E +24 178
>Karl_Higby: IOY 8A OI.Y +33 205
>Joshua_Sokol: AEEORST 12C .OTA +22 200
>Karl_Higby: EEEE -EEEE +0 205
>Joshua_Sokol: EEEEPRS L11 EPEE +14 214
#note He's just exchanged 4. I assume that must mean he has a blank, right? I didn't really think about that much, and didn't spend enough time trying to figure out his range. This play is probably totally wrong given the information his exchange should have given me. L9 (E)PEE was missed, and D7 E(Y)E was also missed.
>Karl_Higby: ?BDILNR 13G BLIND.Rs +78 283
#note Luckily, Karl responded with a mistake of his own. He should definitely be blocking the S hook I am almost certainly setting up for myself, despite the 4-point sacrifice it entails. Although, this play makes it so that I need to basically make something happen right then and there, otherwise I'm sunk.
>Joshua_Sokol: AEEKRRS 15G RAKEES +41 255
#note I hated blowing my rack up, but at this point, a bingo will not win me the game. I have to score and hope for good stuff to come about.
>Karl_Higby: ?ADEHIO 12H AHI +17 300
#note 14B A(R)OID, but Karl is very much in the driver's seat no matter what he plays here.
>Joshua_Sokol: CEELNRT D1 RECENTL. +78 333
#note From my perspective, it's anyone's game. I've just lucked into a bingo, and I have to hope I draw something good out of the bag.
>Karl_Higby: ?DEFHMO 3D .HiEFDOM +71 371
#note or (C)HEFDOMs, which probably wins him 15 more games out of 100 than this does. Things could go very wrong in the endgame for Karl, such that it's better to eschew CHIEFDOM this turn, but CHEFDOMS is well worth it given that it sets up better scoring options if Karl draws poorly, but at the same time doesn't give me anything like UN(F)IX
>Joshua_Sokol: AFITUUU H1 TU.F +42 375
>Karl_Higby: ANSTX N2 TAX +41 412
#note SAX is one point better, setting up T(HI)N(K) at I11, and (QI)S is what I saw, it seemed pretty good and it's also one point better than TAX.
>Joshua_Sokol: AIUU I8 .AU +7 382
#note blocking (QI)S, which is better for Karl than going out would be given my lack of palatable endgame options.
>Karl_Higby: NS J2 N.S +5 417
#note I really thought I played this game very well, especially in the beginning. BR(O) may have been wrong, but it worked out quite well for me. Missing (S)TEVIA was big, to go for a blank and score a few more and EPEE was just situationally wrong and I knew it. Still, I feel like I got the short end of the stick in this one.
>Karl_Higby: (IU) +4 421
#note This was the start of a very awful morning in Scrabble.
Player 2
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